The Color of Orange

orange abstract, acrylic painting,
orange abstract, acrylic painting,
Orange Acrylics



orange lily, photo,
orange lily


I found this lily on one of my zen strolls.

I became caught up in its orange color while looking down, inside its center. The Petals and stamens created lovely loose lines and soft blurred edges that led me in.

Orange can be such a vivacious color;  some have said, obnoxious.  You either love to use it. Or you don’t.


Yes.  Orange is bright.  But,  definitely fun.

I was I admit, judicious how…. I used the color. Monochromatically is usually a fairly safe way to go, while still playing up the brightness of the orange color.




Abstracts ..a definition


Zen strolls 




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14 thoughts on “The Color of Orange

    1. oh yes, to the naples yellow! isn’t it a Dream……. lol funny how artists can get carried away, talking about A Color! Thank you, for sharing your thoughts – I appreciate it 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  1. Thank you for the definitions of abstract, semi-abstract etc. I love your work and am so glad I found your website. I especially like the times you outline the exact steps you took in the painting, very helpful. I really like your semi-abstract landscapes. That is where I live.

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    1. hi Carol, thank you, for your lovely comments! I’m glad you found useful and encouraging info here, and thank you for letting me know.
      ps I loved your “That is where I live.” awesome! 🙂 Cheers, Debi


    1. I am laughing, as it is a very slow stroll, with stops to look and take photos every few meters. I really don’t get very far. But, I Do… enjoy each step. Perhaps, I should do a more detailed post, on one of my zen strolls. 🙂 thank you again Andrew.

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  2. Thanks for your display and thoughts on the color, Orange. I am also a fan of the many shades of orange.


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