The Possibilities a post of content. depth. heart. A 2 minute read.


stripped bare



the dark winds


my own light


my own voice


my own thoughts

shatter the prison doors

they  thought would hold me.





An artist held in the grip of the crowd, the popular trends,  will forever be shackled and the Possibilities within them… imprisoned.




Possibilities of the Artist

The Possibilities that exist for an artist are amazing, I think.


But we can’t be compelled or shamed to paint or think or behave in just one way, for someone else’s convenience.

Compulsion never works as an effective method of control.   As a dog, cat and horse trainer…. this has occurred to me. once or twice.



As artists, we must be free.

It is in freedom we have the access to The Possibilities.

We must have the liberty to rebel against those who tell us what to paint, how to paint, how to express our voice, when to smile and how often to do so.

Those people might be friends, neighbors, relatives, elders,  board members, gallery owners. I’ve seen it all.



The Environment of Freedom of Choice

My students are given wide latitude and open ended possibilities.

To imagine. To create. to go dark, to go light, to compose, to design wild and weird things.



In a session there are some guidelines, I throw out some ideas as Springboards.

But every session I advocate enthusiastically-  that they think,  for themselves.

I don’t want them to just take my word, as gospel.



I want them to question me.  

To ask why. To research and find more sources of information than merely …me.

I want the students to create their own story. To use their own words.  To smile when they feel like it.

I will not dictate nor pressure them to just paint some nice pretty flowers.





What if, one of these students is the next  Escher?  Monet?  Rothko? Picasso? Grandma Moses?

How do I know if one of these might go on to be a teacher?  Or inspire  a new Monet?!   I don’t.


As their guide,  I need to encourage their unique Possibilities. Their creative artistic communications.



Not squelch what I dislike because it sort of,  makes me a bit uncomfortable.  

Am I teaching to make myself comfortable, or to help young artists grow?    


I don’t want to turn out a class of ‘Stepford Wives,’ just because that art makes me, feel better.

“Art is Life, Life is Art.”    how true.





All of these resulted from an open ended approach  to the course. The images were surprising, delightful, mysterious.

Full of that individual’s  character. Their unique voice shines through.  There were no ‘copies’ of the teacher’s work.  It was all 100% their own.

They sang with their own voices, the most lovely songs.

Some dark. Some light. Some random lines.  Just  Lovely. art classes at Atwell Gallery
Unexpected Delight, Vicki’s printmaking possibilities


Klee Inspired student work,
music and Klee inspired – student’s work



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