Mama’s boy.  He’d live in my pocket, if he could.

Its October 31, Halloween in Perth and the magician thinks its time…

to say

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happy halloween,


What, is Halloween …. without a cat?!  Merlin wormed his way in. Again.  He is clever like that. As though he has some magic spells he weaves, that enchants his little servants.





Halloween Theme Artworks

I’ve had time to create some other artworks for the Halloween theme.


Another stroll with the kids to the park.  We call it  “The Beyond.”  Its filled with green swamp and scary trees, its perfect.


I’ve been trying to practice with the ipad, apps, and editing programs.  And, with a bit of ‘playing’  with digital enhancements and vignettes,  I created a darker and more haunting atmosphere.

swamp photograph, haunting, dark photo halloween,
Dark and Lonely Swamp


Merlin, Was Over Seeing

This is a combination of a painting and photo of the swamp trees.

Just for fun.

Merlin approved.

halloween dark bayou, photograph, digital art,
Halloween’s Dark Bayou with Light Notes


green swamp bayou, nature reserves photograph
Green Swamp


Abstract Art

blue, green abstract acrylic,
The Beyond, in High Key  (c)


High key, abstract acrylic on canvas.



Blue and green swirls, drips and tangles “suggest” the the deep swamps.

Yes,  …. I’m still on my Yugen fling.

The deliberate choice to make the piece High Key, with a dominance of Lights serves to keep the image light and breezy.  Not dark and foreboding.


There’s still a hint of swamp like entanglements…. to make me think of the bayou. But just, in bright sparkling daylight.


The joy of the Light was a welcome relief, after all this dark and gloomy!


Merlin wishes all a safe and Happy Halloween.



Merlin, enchanting cat, magic, halloween cat photo,
Merlin, the enchanter