Walk on The Dark Side

Walk on The Dark Side

National Cat Day inspired a bit of digital creativity.


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Walk in the Light, please!



Her name is Jewel….of the Nile.

A 2 pat cat.

All sweet, snuggly, lovey dovey. Purring and ‘smiling.’

And without blinking. Hisses.



I had fun on National Cat Day creating this apt, portrait of her uniqueness.

The beautiful girl who enjoys most, her Β walks on the dark side. Β 











14 thoughts on “Walk on The Dark Side

    1. WE all, in my house, have come to the tacit agreement… they’re allowed their personalities. but ‘insubordination’ isn’t tolerated. If I wouldn’t allow my dog to have done it, I won’t let the cats to get away with it either. LOL

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    1. many many Kind thank you’s Eva. I am, practicing. I think I’ll always be more ‘at home’ with the actual brush and paint; but times change……. so, I need to at least improve a bit with digital.
      ps…. that little saying I wrote, suits this cat. right to a t. πŸ™‚

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    1. we think she’s a cross bred egyptian mau… we rescued her at rspca, so no papers. I’ve done a bit of cat research on breeds, and the breeders in Perth. but, who knows! she, is a quirky cat.

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