Rising Deep.

Halloween nears.  And the things beneath begin to move.


mixed media on board, rich colors, scarlet and indigo, debiriley.com



An Abstract

Hints of earth are here, within this painting.

They’re suggested.

Horizontal bands and colors, allude to an earth landscape theme.

Its not spelled out.

With sediments and rock layerings stretched across the horizon, the colors rise.

From… the deep.





A Low Key painting

Low Key. Meaning it has a dominance of dark and mid tones; less light tones.  High Key is the opposite, with a dominance of light tones, creating a sense of air and space and room.

Low Key typically creates the atmosphere of deep, dark, intensity. Maybe ominous, foreboding.  Powerful,  dramatic, intense.  Contained, Closed in.


In my painting, I provided all that Intensity  an ‘Out.’

I created a ‘vent.’

A pathway for the intensity to escape, to rise to the surface, rather than being contained.





Deep Color Palette

The color choices I used were deep and intense. Strong.

Red Scarlet and  Prussian Blue. They both tie in well to an earth theme and have a mysterious depth to them that, in combination, that I liked.

This mysterious depth… seemed to suit the mood, the time  – the season.


Mixed Media 

I used acrylics on a primed, sanded smooth wood board. The board actual size is 6 x 18″ providing a very long vertical drop.  The board was tilted, nearly all the time, while I was painting.  This helped with gravity. Making things rise, and fall.


This is the fun part of art, to be active with the paper, canvas.

Tipping, angling, tilting.

Allowing the paints to rise and sink and merge. Melding together in their own unique creative ways.


To be honest…. it is simply…..for this love of the Process, that I continue to paint.






In a sense, this ‘suggested and inferred’  approach I’ve used is  akin to the ancient Japanese form of art,  “Yugen.”


art that is mysterious, deep, hinted at, not stated directly.

Art that has  power to evoke.




Reading the book,    Japanese Aesthetics and Culture,   by Nancy G. Hume   I came across some wonderful references to Yugen.   And to the wonderful,  Yoshido Kenko.


Yoshido Kenko 1283-1350  wrote this relating to  ‘Yugen’….


“Are we only to look at flowers  in full bloom,  at the moon  when it is clear?

Nay, to look out on the rain and long for the moon, to draw the blinds and not be aware of the passing of the spring – these,  arouse even deeper feelings.

There is much to be seen in young boughs about to flower, in gardens strewn with withered blossoms…..

They must be perverse indeed who will say “this branch, this bough is withered, now there is nought to see.”






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