Capturing Color, In The Forest #3

forest painting, dreamy impressionist landscape, oil landscape, tree paintings, emerald greens, art, soft paintings in greens,

Magic. Emerald and Jade, in the Forest.

The Muse watched on. An Impressionist eye and hand guided the creation of this dreamy, soft forest oil painting.


forest painting, dreamy impressionist landscape, oil landscape, tree paintings, emerald greens, art, soft paintings in greens,
Capturing Forest Greens


The Forest Greens

The forest in its lovely greens, I do believe,  was captured.  The spirit of the place, the feeling, was conveyed.

The soft mossy greens, deep teal blues,  the jade and emeralds … yes.  I believe my greens tell us we’re at the forest edge on a most wonderful day.


The canvas was prepared and made rough. With lots of texture.   The terrain getting there, to the Forest… was indeed rough and bumpy. Rocks and boulders, fallen trees across the path.   It was messy.



One of my many zen strolls led me to this forest edge.

Where the creamy blush of sand, buffers the jade forest foliage against the deep and dark. Emerald waters.




Zen Strolls

Such Magic they have.


They can be super short,  or long.    They can be many,  many years long gone.

But all those memories are still stored inside.



And wait.

For the Moment  – and the artist to meet again.







this Part #3 now concludes Capturing Color,  I hope you enjoyed this short series!



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32 thoughts on “Capturing Color, In The Forest #3

    1. thank you! sometimes those photos can have their own whimsy and charm…. even unexpectedly showing things you hadn’t noticed. well, sometimes! going to share????

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    1. thank you Cattie – I’m so glad you enjoyed this forest! it was so enjoyable to paint and meditate while doing so with these gorgeous colors. ….. sorry about the couriering though!! 🙂

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  1. Beautiful image and colours. It reminds me of the one you did some time ago which had the feel of water flowing fast over rocks. Something of an ancient stone age feel to it. I like that Cerulean tone – since I started painting again this year I never had cerulean on my palette, but bought a tube this week and used it tonight in a painting – blew me away. I missed it!

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    1. thank you ! I bet that prior one, was with cobalt teal, the glacial waters… perhaps. Cerulean is, certainly a wonderful and very useful color. I think, we are all… like kids in a candy store when it comes to paints!

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