Scarlet Red, Purple and Indigo Blue.  Lively….. And Lovely.

“That old shack has been  “re-colored,”  you know.  Its had work done on it. Mutton dressed up like lamb.  And,  Thats not natural!”

digital painting, shack textures, purple and red palette,
The Shack, geometric shapes (c) 2016  Debi Riley

If you missed Capturing Color #1 have a quick look.



Colors To Make You Dance!


Oh, Those colors!

Scarlet. Indigo blue. Purple.

They’re not all soft and dreamy.  No.

But they sure do make you  want to get up and dance.

I smile. And think of the mature, ladies wearing their RED hats and their Purple dresses.

I say,  ‘Go Get’em ladies!’



Colors Like a Lorikeet


With bright new colors;  colors like a Lorikeet.

Some days, I tell you, I’d like to do that to myself. A bit of lippy, some blush, a new pretty frock.

And don’t forget The Hat.


But I’d never be quite so bold  nor quite so loud with my clothes.

No. Not like a lovely Lorikeet.



I’ll have to think some more on that.

But-  you know,  I am an artist.   I could, quite possibly…. get away with it.

Purple, turquoise, indigo,  scarlet. And golden bronze.



Capturing Color  – The Shack


Back To Work.

The photograph of the shack has a pleasing design with its interesting shapes. And when you look close… the textural effects are really cool.     This,  is quite opposite of my Part #1 Capturing Color isn’t it?


I do love this old shack.

Its not just the colors.  The actual shack is rather drab in naples yellow, shredded and peeling.  Driving past it daily on the way to work, it intrigued me.

Wouldn’t let me go. Until I took its photo.


Its not natural.

Its been re-colored.

Its a really old photo, dressed up to look younger.

Its had WORK Done on it.


And what fun it was!





Geometric Shapes

The really exciting element here, is its geometric shapes.

Thats what actually drives the whole design.


If you look, you’ll see the square shape of the window. The circle on the pole.  Several triangular shapes.  There’s an oval in there too.

Vertical, Horizontal and Diagonal directional line movements create tension and balance as well.




Textures galore. Have a Look.

The overall ratio and balance of texture is great.    The roof and roughed up wood of the Indigo/Turquoise is sensational.




So,  Yes.  At first glance,  all we really see is   Color.

Colors that are jumping and dancing for our attention.

But what holds our eye is the good Design.




I’ve given it some thought.

I think for right now, I’ll just buy a scarf.

Indigo, Scarlet, Purple and Bronze colors can be captured that way.

Works for me,  today.