Blue watercolor mountain. But no Mt. Everest!

Gorgeous Blue paints – Cobalt teal blue, Cerulean, Prussian blue. Trifecta.

Perfect for blue Monday.

I’m not feeling down, but am feeling like ‘blue’ today.


prussian blue pb27, watercolor landscape mountain, cerulean blue, debi riley watercolor,
Mountain Prussian Blue watercolors


Semi Abstract in Blue

This contemporary style, large full sheet watercolor is what I’d label “semi abstract landscape.”


Its not abstract. Yet, its by no means photorealism or traditional.  I can clearly identify that there is a sky, the peak of a mountain, mountain slopes, and some small tree shapes.

Nothing is Super hard edged or ultra defined. Nothing is specifically, precisely all spelled out for the viewer.

But, instead….. the viewer needs to Engage.  To enter into the painting to look further.




I’ve repurposed this watercolor.

Created some time ago, most of you haven’t seen it. But some may have.

I do love this one. It is one of my personal favorites.

Large and with a freedom of expression.  I allowed the paint to do its thing. And then, I went along.




It was inspiring.  Inspiration is Everything,  for me!

No Mt. Everest, no Goddess of the Sky. But a quieter, gentler softer version that soothes the soul.

And answers the call.  Answers the question put to her.

Fulfills the Quest.


So, yes.  I was and am satisfied.

Content  in that.

Contentedness – is a wonderful place to aim for. Especially, in watercolors. The pursuit of ‘happiness’  did not fulfill the quest.  This is a good point for Beginner Watercolorists to remember.

I feel there to be a vast difference between those two in watercolors. The pursuing of ‘Happiness’ and the aiming for the place of Contentedness.


Did I mention I was a zen master? No? oops. I must have forgot! …… Just kidding!! I know Miss Eva might think so, though.





Fine Day For Blue

This Monday morning, is a Fine Day!

Its a ‘Blue’ Day. Blue is such a delightful, enchanting color with its beautiful tones and sheer number of color ranges available. I’m hooked on Blue.  The colors of blue can express and convey so much feeling!


An artist, can never, ever, have too many blue paints.



I enthusiastically, suggest these:

  • Cobalt blue pb28
  • Ultramarine blue pb29
  • Prussian blue pb27
  • Cerulean blue pb33
  • Phalo blue pb15
  • Indanthrone blue pb60
  • Indigo (specialty mix)  By  Daniel Smith watercolors only


**look on the tube label for the identifying number, if it does not say pb28 – It is NOT really Cobalt!




Did you know,  that if you have 5 of these blues and just 2 yellows

(Winsor Lemon and Naples Yellow)  your ability to mix a near Limitless and Stunning…. array of Greens is Amazing!!

You do NOT  need to buy any green paints from the art shops at all. Save money and get better depth, perspective, form, image unification.  Just by mixing your greens.  


Did you know…. that you can create delicious unique Blue Blends for yourself?   Try mixing 3 of the blues together and see if you like that mix.   Then try another grouping.





Blue  Monday Watercolor Mountain tips


Blue.  Isn’t always about being ‘down.’   Its a pleasant,  happy color too!


  • Go for broke!  go full sheet  22x 30 inches
  • Deliberately ‘edge’ the paper with paint
  • Try for a High Key, ie Light dominant painting  80%
  • Monochromatic palettes, can be more successful
  • Allow paint, to drip and run in random free ways
  • Turn your reference photo over
  • Better yet, put it back in that closet
  • Use your memory and ‘feelings’ of the place to capture Its spark
  • the Final image does Not – “have to be Perfect”
  • Convey, express a message or mood or Feeling
  • Image needs to be real, authentic. original.
  • and yes, sometimes,  ‘messy’




blue paint pigments,
paint pigments:  Ultramarine Blue,   Cobalt, Manganese,  Prussian blue,  and a green terre verte…