Beauty Part II “Faith”  a  contemporary perspective on Beauty and believing in your Self.

Lime foliage, brilliant scarlet and pinks dominate this painting’s palette.

I wouldn’t have I could pull that combination off.

I wouldn’t have thought those colors should work together.  Yet, they do.


contemporary abstract in acrylics, faith , creativity, colorful paintings,
Beauty II Faith, (c) 2016


Abstract Art


This style, Abstract Art,  encourages a more generous and vigorous viewer engagement.


The viewer is being asked, to engage,  to interact with the work.

It actually is more demanding in the sense that this style challenges ideas and concepts we ordinarily have.


The Beauty, in abstracts is often subtle in some paintings.  Merely suggested.

We may have to hunt for it.



The subtle inferences, hints and allusions allow the viewer the option,  of going further or not.

Of wondering ….. or not.

Of Wandering in,  or not.




Color Palette

Lime green, Pinks, Scarlet Red.  Toss in some pale orange, magenta, and teal blue.


But it came together.  Perhaps, helped by the green/red complementary scheme I’ve created here in a vague subtle way. Plus,  I ensured a full scale of tonal values 1-9. Not just a light, mid and dark tone to get me through.





Faith. The artist,  needs to keep the faith.


Faith In the Creative process, in the Muse and in the Artistic Self.

There is a certain Beauty to be found, in this Faith.  Believing in your artistic creativity is Beautiful.

Beauty, is found in many forms and faces. And in many odd places.




WABI SABI  – Imperfections

I admire the Asian philosophy of beauty…. Wabi Sabi.

Imperfect, Impermanent, Unfinished.


It opens my mind to seeing many things as Beautiful.   Not just that “perfect” scene, that perfect model, nor the perfect rose bouquet.

The thought of beauty in an old, full blown shot rose, thats gone nearly brown used to seem odd and strange.

If it wasn’t neat and tidy, exact and “perfect” it wasn’t beautiful.

Yet now, I can see the Beauty within that aged, weather beaten form.






With a slight, change in view the outlook can be so different.

I played with the cropping on this.

My preference is the square.


pink, scarlet, lime acrylic abstract,
Different, view; Beauty II Faith


Sometimes,  all you need is a little Faith.

To Find Beauty.