Beauty. Beauty takes many forms and wears many faces.

Yesterday’s feature of Cobalt Teal blue fern served to inspire a view from the opposite perspective.

Magenta. Yes.  That does indeed help me to ‘see differently.’


magenta tulip sunlit photograph, beauty in flowers,
Magenta Beauty, (c) copyright 2016


Cool Beauty Magenta

While both Magenta and Cobalt Teal Blue are cool versions of their hue  –  the overall “Feeling”  from each color Magenta and CTB –  are so Different!





Auguste Rodin  a beautiful mind

I’ve been a  fan of Auguste Rodin for some time.   If,  you’re not familiar with his art,  Rodin is right up there on my list of great artists to study.

His work, his way of working and his approach to art are thrilling.


“The main thing is to be moved,

to Love,  to Hope,

to tremble,

to Live.”

Auguste Rodin




I Agree.

My art.  Needs to move someone.

Needs to make someone feel love and hope.

Needs to fill someone,  with that Life Spark.

To inspire some One.





Discovering,  Beauty


Beauty is discovered in so many forms.


It can be a most delightful treasure hunt.


Simple,  common things like:  character, virtues, resilience, color, shapes, movement…. the curve of a flower petal,  or the dance of a butterfly!


One finds these little gems in the oddest…… weirdest, times and places.



tulip petals sunlit macro photo, magenta flowers,
Abstract Beauty, sunlit shape

Light and Shadow.

Magenta tones, full bodied and rich. Wide ranging – Like musical notes playing upon the early autumn wind.

This, is why I Like this photograph.  It has beautiful rich tones.





What is Next…….

Yesterday I shared the tale of the forest fern in cobalt teal, while today’s star was the Magenta Beauty.


Tomorrow’s   “Beauty II ”   is finished and ready to post.

With  unexpected color combinations that we don’t think should work, do.  Its odd and strange, weird. And Beautiful.


Its all about Beauty.

The faces, places and the seasons we can…..  discover beauty in.