Fan of Ferns: Cobalt Teal Blue

fern design watercolor, fern abstract art, zen painting,

Ferns are so fresh, lovely, lively and earthy.

They Grow.

With greens in every shade and hue, they’re absolutely refreshing.

I’ve recently painted a series of ferns in remembrance of my grandmother.



fern design watercolor, fern abstract art, zen painting,
MaryEllen Fern



Mary Ellen Fern


I’ve decided to honor her memory and the name the collection The Mary Ellen Fern Collection.


In past posts I mentioned my grandmother and her love of the outdoors. She loved hiking in the woods and would take me with her every chance she could.


Picking ferns was one of her favorite hobbies, and it gave her a bit of ‘pocket money’ for herself too.

A girl has her needs, you know!



Mary Ellen Fern (c)
Pocket Money… Mary Ellen Fern design




Fern Color and Light


I couldn’t resist my favorite color:  Cobalt Teal Blue pg50

Nor could I resist the influence of Toko Shinodo and her stunning sense of Light and Space. Shinodo’s use of White space, is divine.   (This linked image was Shinodo inspired.)

Incredibly,  Inspirationally, Shinodo still paints. At 103.




My grandmother was like that.

In her 80’s …. she hopped on a Greyhound bus and travelled from the West coast to the East coast.  (“Back East,” she’d say.)

She wanted to see her family back East. This was back in the early 70’s and it was a long journey across the States, by bus!

(Would I,  do That?!    would…you?   Who is smiling Now!)



Well, my grandmother had set her mind to going.

So….She DID!  She didn’t wait around for somebody else to take her.

Or “To do it for her.” Or go with her.

She’d never go,  if she did that.


A real go getter, strong and determined. Putting action to her resolve.

I admire those qualities.




fern pattern dress, white and cobalt teal fern pattern,
‘mary ellen fern’ design ….  dress


Fern Design and Prints

The clean,  elegance of  Light – and-  the crisp cobalt teal blue ……

sing of light in the forest.


There is a wonderful and refreshing feeling of Joy in this.

I can feel it and am refreshed,  Inspired from this simple design.




The Simplicity. 


There is a Walt Whitman  quote I’d like to share,

“The art of Art,

the glory of expression and the sunshine

of the light of letters









Learning  Points 

What I Learned From My Grandmother:

Inner Strength.  Resolve. Resilience.

Patience and Persistence. Til…it is Done!

Self Reliance.  Independent Spirit.

Listening to the Self.


  • The qualities she exhibited- are the same qualities artists (I) need to succeed.
  • Strength, resolve, and being a ‘Go-Getter’   are needed for us to improve our skills.
  • Quality of Self Reliance.  (I) we need that. In order to carry on … regardless.
  • We must follow our own path. To do our (MY) own thing.
  • We (I) need to clearly define, and set a goal and make it happen.





So, yes.  I am a Fan of Ferns.

That’s another way of saying, I’m a fan of my Grandmother!







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25 thoughts on “Fan of Ferns: Cobalt Teal Blue

  1. Oh my goodness, this is so inspirational and brought such a rush of emotion for me. I had a strong and resilient grandmother but one that did not impart anything of emotional value or good memories for me. I truly appreciate this post because I sense myself to be the kind of grandmother that you had to my grandchildren, right down to the hiking, though probably not as brave to go across the country on a bus! Amazing grandmother that you had and I loved your memories of her and how you incorporated your memories of her into your art, that is memorable, living art. I agree, we need to be this in our journey as an artist paving our way to our creative self! YES! Love this! My goodness, I have noticed that you resound deeply with ideas, creativity and feelings and then you spill forth…..and then recycle all over again! I will embrace all that you had touched upon here though Patience and Persistence is mine to work on. 🙂

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    1. my dear Miss M, what a wonderful thoughtful comment! I can SO see You, as a Grandma that everyone Wants!! lol yep. its sad that some grandparents don’t have that Spirit of Fun, of unconditional Love. (mine was abit on the ‘old school’ side… but, I always knew, she Loved me) I am really happy for your grandkids you go hiking and stuff with them! YUBA!! they are always, going to remember that. 🙂 cheers, and Hugs!! the river friend

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    1. many kind, thank you’s Nico. Glad you like this!
      so glad you read the post, I had been worried people would just think the post was pure …’marketing’ and not bother.
      I know moving forward with my art, is something she would be pleased to see me achieve. 🙂

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  2. In your tribute to your grandmother you have shown me what a wonderful influence she instilled in you. What a wise and strong woman she must have been.
    As a grandmother myself I smile from inside because we have a lifetime of love and experience to pass on to our grandchildren and help shape who and what they become. Your grandmother did a beautiful job. You carry her with you every day. I know she is smiling.

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    1. thank you! you are very kind to say so 🙂 I agree, as Grammas now … its our turn to ‘pass the torch’ and try to share. ps, I bet your’s is Smiling Too!!!

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    1. Eva…. thanks so much! she did instill some good life lessons 🙂 sometimes, ‘firmly’ but, she was born 1887 and they weren’t pushovers back then LOL

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