Three very different subjects,  but united by a strategic color use…..



Image #1   IN PINK

The Pink Lake  a digital enhanced artwork

digital painting print, pink lake, debijriley, pink and grey palette
Digital Painting, IN PINK,  #1


Painting and creating with the camera, acrylics and pastel pencils with all three images was extremely enjoyable. Each had its own little quirks and directions it wanted to go.

It was great to learn some new applications and techniques the last couple days.


Then too, I was able to put several artworks/paintings on   debijriley shop as well……. This really was a fun busy,  weekend!



Image #2    The Grey Mare

grey arabian horse painting, horse art for sale,, pink and grey palette, horse art
Mare in Soft Greys,  #2 prints




Image #3   Scarlet Sky, in Flames

art in pink and red, acrylic abstracts, red contemporary paintings,
scarlet and pink sky,  #3    acrylics





I  harmonized these subjects, through a dominance of neutral greys and pinks in the first 2 of these images.

This set the stage, for (image #3)   Scarlet sky to flame.

She has pinks to soften her up, black as a neutral as well.    The pink/green vibration creates a ‘visual grey to the eye’.

Overall,  its a strong look but there is a hint, a suggestion – of balance. Of rest.   Thats what I wanted.





RED  –   posts  that  illustrate the Power  of red

Red Dragon maples  

red paint the town

red  the thin red line scarlet

cadmium red 

sky  the glorious, sky


Pink, Scarlet and Grey  are  so beautiful  together. These colors can harmonize even in really diverse subjects, creating a lovely oneness.  A collection.