A day of updates!

Thanks to you –  lovely readers and followers, the website has 150K views as of today!


debiriley.com art designs


Several kind people have inquired about paintings, art, prints, products for sale.

I’ve had ‘technical’ difficulties. ie…  (I am not so computer savvy) I must confess.  The Society6.com  loading process was a bit of a debi downer. LOL

I’m still at Society6.com  so you still find and purchase my art designs there. I’ll keep persevering til I master it!




debijriley Redbubble.com art prints, debiriley.com
debijrileyRedbubble.com art prints



Exciting.   Fun and Play.

Redbubble Shop!


But,  I have found  my Redbubble  shop  a whole lot easier.

For the Technology challenged folks out there,  (me)  its fairly straightforward.

EASY. Fun.

In fact, I spent all day long on it.  And No  grizzling!



art designs and paintings, debiriley.com
skirt design debijriley Redbubble.com



It has the ability to do repeat patterns.

Upload only one image and then scale it up or down.  It is fun.

Check it out.  It may be something you’d be interested in.



popular mountain in blue, debiriley.com
Popular Mt in blue – debiriley.com




At any rate,  my art is now in two stores.  Society 6.com

and  Redbubble   (debijriley)



autumn color, framed watercolor pastel print, impressionist landscape, autumn color
Autumn Colored, at debijriley Redbubble.com


requests welcome!

Autumn…. is was requested; and now is on my Redbubble shop in several different products.




Redbubble  is so much easier for me,  I’ll be using it alot more in the upcoming weeks and months.

As the shopping season, draws near I hope to have a really good range in both shops.


I like my Cadmium Red Love dress… so much,  I’ve just ordered it for myself!

And,  no.

Thats not me. Its a much younger model, thank you!


cadmium red abstract design, debiriley.com art designs
Cadmium Red Love in Flames … a Dress! debijriley Redbubble.com




Thank you my readers.   I’m grateful for your support and patronage.

cheers, Debi