Silly, Imaginative. A bit different.

“When Fish Fly”  can take us on a fun playful adventure this Saturday.

Are you in?!

prussian blue oils with photograph overlay,
When Fish Fly

Silly Saturday Inspires


Thanks to Robyn at Captivate Me  and Julie Powell Photography   I’m inspired.

To challenge my old ideas.

To think…. a bit differently.  

To push beyond my limitations of  my  normal regular ways of ‘doing.’


I’m inspired to look at my art paintings, my photos,  at things in general that I see around the neighborhood – with a brand new, fresh vision.



Unique. Original. My Own

Robyn and Julie’s challenge was to see differently.

Look and think on things a little on the unique side, differently.


Yes, A bit WEIRD.

But, ‘weird’ isn’t such a bad word, is it?

Not in an artist’s vocabulary!



When Fish FLY

So for fun today,

for a  Silly Saturday comeback –

I was just wondering: “when fish fly.”


prussian blue oils with white
Prussian Blue oils


I’ve combined my prussian blue oil landscape painting with a recent shot of 3 orange  koi fish.

I wanted to see  what if.  

What would happen.  What would it look like.

What the blue and orange might look like together.   How the two designs could merge and unite.


I was Curious



Learning Points Today

  • oils don’t have to be  ‘Serious!’
  • combining my photographs with my paintings can be a fresh fun path
  • playful Disney like ideas, might just spur me into a better way of working
  • silly, different, odd and strange are better than Boring,  Stuck in a Rut patterns
  • I can release my strangle hold on my own ideas, views
  • others’   approaches and mindsets opens new doors  to my creativity
  • Fun and Play will fill the well, far better  than  ‘work and products’


orange koi,
orange koi



Its Silly Saturday

time for me to …..    See Differently