Art: Fresh and Different Views

forest clearing, photo lilacs and pine greens,

“Clarity in The Forest.”

An image that evokes a fresh and different way of seeing.

Right  “Into the Heart of the Forest.”

If you stop.   And look, you can see the heart.


forest clearing, photo lilacs and pine greens,
Forest Clarity


The words ‘different, weird, odd, stands out’…..

let me know I’m on the right track!

I’m creating something fresh in the eyes of the viewer. Something perhaps, not previously considered or had been overlooked.



What… Is  Weird,  anyway?   I found this description some time ago on the web and its stuck in my mind.  I kind of like it!   It puts the word weird into the same category as original, unique and one of a kind.  Just the kinds of things artists are always trying to do.





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Art: Different Ways of Seeing



Recently, you may have noticed – I’ve been in the woodlands and forest.  I thought I’d like to linger bit longer there today.

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The Focal Point 

Its different, a little weird,  to have the focal point in the back.

So blurred and out of focus.

When ‘normally’ one has it in front. Crisp and tightly defined…. Sharp and clear.




The  Light

But even with the focal point so very soft, so diffused and in the back  – this image works.

The tree and all its details,  merely serves to frame, to lead, to set the stage.

For that glorious Light.



Enter In 

This view, this perspective is intriguing.

It is compelling us to enter in. To come into the forest.

We  must ‘engage.’

We must walk into and through.    hmmm… now,  to paint like that!




Frosted… An Impressionist Tree


This is  kind of a rather  artsy and  weird,  different look  at a tree in my garden.

No filters or apps were used.

Its just the sun, the glass and the tree.


Its Impressionist painterly look,  has captured my attention over the years.

With the early morning sun glancing off the tree my view is through the frosted dimpled glass.

I’m so glad I finally gave in to the urge to take its photo.

My Impressionist Tree


Beauty of Bark


rough bark photograph, canon eos, debi riley art, art basics


This last shot I flipped sideways.

I thought the bark looked interesting appearing like a Landscape of sorts.

Maybe like …. Steps leading into the distance.

A Different way of seeing Tree Bark!




Inspired By –

I was inspired to create this post,   by two wonderful women:    Robyn –  Captivate Me at

and Julie Powell at


They both are inviting others to the Theme:  See Things Differently

October Theme for Photography, 15 images

If you’d like details,  check out their websites.


regardless…. they both have super fabulous photographs they’ve created that you’d enjoy looking at!




did anyone see the heart?


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18 thoughts on “Art: Fresh and Different Views

  1. I am speechless..oh, I think you ARE definately on the right track here, Debi!!.No filter Beauty perspective..
    I do not know the rules of art, But that first picture isHOW i have been trying to draw what I see for Years.. WOW..beautiful..Your forest is drawing us into her…” I sense she is hiding a secret..Mm..?”
    ….I will definately be going to your links:..
    The Challenge links .. THANK YOU. ..
    SO SHY, I love your frosted window image..♥️ Just now, Joanne.

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    1. thank you again Joanne…. that scene had been ‘teasing’ at me for 4 years to take the shot! so, I’m glad you enjoyed this one as well J! 🙂 cheers, debi

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  2. Oh such a wonderful post Debi! Love all that you saw and yes I did see the heart ❤️ The glass and the bark are stunning 😃 Thanks for joining in!

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    1. Hi Robyn, thank you! good eyes you have, not so many have seen it, (or said so anyway) This – is a FUN Theme!! thanks for inspiring me


  3. Bark… I love drawing bark, for the same kind of pleasure I get drawing broken pavement. Nice bark photo.

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    1. hi Eva! special……. is good too!! thank you Miss Eva. weird has always been the go to word for non creatives to use – when confronted with imagination and new Different, unique viewpoints. I’ve been thinking
      its time to alter our ideas about … Weird.
      yep. my soapbox! LOL hehehe

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