Gift Giving Is An Art

She gave me a gift and it was wrapped.

Wrapped up with the most beautiful wrapping I’d ever seen.

Her Love.


flower photograph in macro, purple and yellow flower, Canon 600d,
Flower Gift, macro photograph,



Unexpected gifts  speak volumes – don’t they?



Let’s  “pass this forward” this week….

brighten someone’s day!











  1. Hello Debi ..Such a lovely beauty today, Wednesday afternoon, Canadian Time. Whether, it is your photography, paintings, or poetic inspirations, I am always delighted to ponder your messages!!.
    I have to admit, I love your Camera!!.. 🤗 …
    HOWEVER, it was our connection, that, ..InSpired Me , to take up drawing again, Precisely, Because My Camera..old, and outdated, BROKE!!..Kind of Funny, I think.

    I have had Some real fun, too, making Melodic tunes, from my wordpress reading!!.I jot them down on paper, as is my custom, and go back, when Something new strikes me.,
    Longish comment today!

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    • thank you dear Joanne! I always try to show positives and encouraging things yes. But, at the same time – I know it is also necessary, to also show to, reveal to Beginners …… that even those with a bit more experience go through trials. Traumas. and ‘bad paint days’…. And so I do reveal those, candidly. we are not… perfect.

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