Whispers of Stillness, Watercolor Landscape

detail close up of Whispers, watercolor landscape, debiriley.com

Whispers not Chaos?

watercolor landscape, minimalist, impressionist, debiriley.com
Whispers, watercolor landscape


Whispers of Stillness……

To Whisper,  in Watercolor


The Backdrop.

Vibrations of death metal reverberated into every molecule. Blood vessels thumped, jerked,  skipped in discordant chaotic beats.

This bombardment of sound wave frequencies, it was… like Raid. No place to hide.

Sounds of chaos permeated everything, everywhere.  Along with them, a glorious rainbow aura. how pretty….. Until,  madame migraine.




Unique Differences, Preferences

It is interesting.

How we are all so unique. All so differently made.


The youthful lively neighbor, I’m sure he loved those rousing sounds. Somewhat like the pounding of steel boots kicking walls, and so … off tempo.

It was his ‘cup of tea.’


white dove grey feather floating in jade green water, photograph, debiriley.com
the Muse, as she wills

I prefer calmer waters.

The Whispers of Nature


And in most of our work, we can see a repeating pattern emerge.

In my own work, I see clearly more images with

Softer sounds.

More gentle whispers.



Once in awhile I’ll see a diversion.

mountain landscape watercolor, blue teal and greens, debiriley.com
Crisp Sharp Edged Mountain, debiriley.com


A blip.

An artwork that is filled with sharpness. A higher ratio of hard edges.

But when you look at the overall pattern…. the artist within is revealed.



sharp edges are barriers, thorns of fire, barbs, photo, debiriley.com
thorns of fire, photograph


Sharp hard edges that seemingly are too aggressive.(ABOVE photo)

That appear as “barriers.”  They look as though they shut the doors and gates.

Their sharp edges lash out, stab out.




Yes. I much prefer the  ‘cuddly’  edges.

The blurred edges that are softer, warmer.

Welcoming and inviting us In:


cobalt teal blue pg50, reflections, landscapes, watercolor tips, beginners guide, debiriley.com
Reflections, detail


impressionistic watercolour landscape debiriley.com
Watercolors Blurred Lines   (c) debiriley.com



Summer impressionist watercolor landscape painting, debiriley.com
Summer color, Debi Riley (c) 2016


zen of colour: forest in cobalt teal blue pg50, debiriley.com
Zen of Color: Forest   (c)  Debi Riley 2016


watercolor contemporary landscape, cobalt teal blue pg50, abstract watercolor landscape, debiriley.com
Magical Mists watercolor landscape debi riley


Sharp, Hard (Loud)  and  Gentle, Soft (Quiet)

The Edges of Watercolors is a great post to check out as is Nature of Art, Edges.

These give wonderful insights on soft and sharp edges, that are really quite useful even if you work in other media.




Curious  Why?

Why do some prefer and gravitate to softer edges and some to sharp, harder and very  defined edges?    Or……. (death metal vs soulful jazz/blues.)


Perhaps. It depends on  just how sensitive our systems are.

Age. Health status/conditions. Natural personalities.

All these play a role.



Certain people,  do react to patterns.

To flickering lights and sound frequencies with seizures and migraines as part of their unique biological processes.


We are uniquely made.

Original art, if you will.




My preference doesn’t make it the right ONE that fits every body.

Its just right ….for me. As yours is for you.

detail close up of Whispers, watercolor landscape, debiriley.com
Detail of Whispers….



Influencing factors – Whispers of Stillness

These are some,  of the things that played a role in my creation of Whispers of Stillness.


Toko Shinodo,  her use of white space helps to create delectable harmony, balance and calmness


Prussian Blue pb27    wonderful cool, Staining color great for the background


Indigo  Daniel Smith  brand watercolor, is a perfect choice,  to create these dark fir trees


Skewers  using skewers for tree trunks is fun, relaxing, meditative for me


Rekab 320s #2  Brush with a super sensitive fine tip that just dances along to paint trees and foliage, nearly as if by magic. I like that.


Arches Rough cotton rag 300gsm  strong robust paper with a lovely softness, pliability




Watercolor Theme

I wished to evoke a sense of  Minimalism.

  • A forested mountain ridge
  • with encroaching fog banks of the valley softening the edges.
  • While the Fir trees, stand in sharper relief.
  • Tree branches melt into the foreground at the bottom.



Landscape  Design  Goals 

  • To  achieve an asymmetrical,  bare bones look.
  • A quiet zen approach.
  • Consideration of  tonal values, light -mid – dark,  was a priority.
  • Soft edges,  especially along the borders.
  • Slightly firmer edges inwards – to lead the eye away from the outskirt borders of the paper.   Back into the focal point area.



To Whisper in watercolor ……a lovely thing to do.         








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    1. Anyushka, thank you very much. I’m pleased that this provides the same feeling for you as it does my self. It was what I was hoping to create! And its not a new one, you’ve seen it in another post. but, it illustrated so well the message today I wanted to convey – I used it again 🙂
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  1. I love to look at close ups of water colors. Almost more than I like looking at the full picture itself sometimes. It is the way that the color deposits. Thank you for showing these!

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