Spring Gardens Wow!

Spring has arrived.

Colors bursting out in gardens galore!

spring gardens dazzling with colorful tulips, debiriley.com
Spring Gardens Wow!



I have nothing else to say…..






      • I know!! it was soooo cheap. here in Perth for a turkey the size of a chicken… will set you back $30 – $50+ and they don’t quiet taste as nice.
        We just buy chicken! or…. the lovely seafoods. yum.

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      • turkeys in America are Gi -normous! could you freeze some? lol or, does it really matter… turkey or chicken.. holidays are rough alone, do you have family and friends to meet up with for shared dinners, get togethers? ignore that if you want, I’m NOT trying to be nosy. i just care. Debi zen πŸ™‚


      • Bless your heart my “nosy” friend, LOL, very kind of you for asking. NO I don’t have. We didn’t have children, he didn’t have family and I have mine faraway on the other side of the ocean so I’m alone. I do have friends but all of them have family and at Thanksgiving everybody is busy with family turkey dinners, so I guess is me and some popcorn watching movies.
        BTW, my freezer won’t hold a turkey is a bit tooo small for a birdie like that!
        Much love and hugs~Eva

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      • humph! I say. thats no good at all for Miss Eva!! poppycock and balderdash.
        hoping one of your friends shares an invite if you feel like it, πŸ™‚
        now I’m thinking of foods…. cranberries and pumpkin pie. ?! silly

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