Watercolor Wednesday Landscape

impressionist watercolor landscape, tree reflections and mountains, debiriley.com

Into the depths.

Lovely Lilac tinted mountains, tall dark evergreens, misty waters…. they convey so clearly where they hail from!

Echoes of the Pacific NorthWest  – are revealed in this small watercolor landscape.


impressionist watercolor landscape, tree reflections and mountains, debiriley.com
Watercolors for Wednesday – cool landscape


Watercolor Landscapes


Lesson Tip #1   Color Selection  


The paint colors I chose for this Watercolor sets a mood.

Peaceful. Inviting. But dominantly – cool.



The Start Up Colors    

I used in the foundation washes: cerulean, prussian blue, hansa yellow light and permanent rose.

I let the sky, mountains, water dry.  Then returned to it.


Much later.

A few weeks actually. What was I doing all that time?!

I was ‘thinking.’ Considering and Wondering about my best options.


I decided to come in with Daniel Smith Indanthrone blue pb60  and Daniel Smith  Sodalite,  and Daniel Smith Serpentine green (this green pigment is from Australia.)



Lesson Tip #2   Wait Awhile 

This is not procrastination.

Its being thoughtful, considering options and assessing the image whilst being more objective and less subjective.

Rushing in, Fiddling, dobbing, dabbing, being impatient… is less desirable than merely have to ‘wait awhile.’



Lesson Tip #3   Posts

For more  Watercolor Techniques &  tips,  the following posts are great!

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the Pacific Northwest


watercolor landscape, fir trees reflections, blue green water, debiriley.com
Close Up Detail….     Watercolor Landscape



Watercolor  Process:  Finishing

What did I do?

  • Rewet  the mountains and water area, next dropped in a drop or two of Sodalite into the water area and mountains.
  • Serpentine green was laid down into the front hill area and down into the water.
  • Then I let it dry just a wee bit…. before taking the very tip, of my brush into straight pure Indanthrone blue (not watered down.)
  • With this, I created the inference and illusion of a group of fir trees along the shoreline.  Hinting, alluding.
  • Some, were darker and some paler.
  • I really – need to have a wide,  range of  ‘variations’ in tones.




Be  Uniquely……YOU

These are all things you too can do!

  • create your own,   special and Original  – sky
  • create your own mts, hills and shapes – look into your own Memory!
  • create a graded wash for the water
  • choose colors that are unique, special, Meaningful to YOU
  • let it dry, really Dry.   rewet it.
  • apply a tad more paint, here and there…. Judiciously…
  • (don’t you just love that word?!)



Watercolor Wednesday Landscape was left with its rough edges, freshly torn out of its pad.  I liked the look it gave the image for today.





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50 thoughts on “Watercolor Wednesday Landscape

      1. hi and thanks!!! I’m off to babysit… so this is fast link to the Society 6 shop where I’m gradually putting my art in!
        debiriley at https://society6.com/debiriley/cards
        there’s other products, canvas, prints, ipad covers, shirts, blankets, shower curtains, mugs, cards,… etc hope to get more time this weekend – to get MORE on!! thanks! cheers, Debi


  1. I love your painting first of all, love the colors and the mood, I have to look up DS Sodalite….it reminds me of their indigo but different. I think that my “to buy” list is getting bigger! ha! Also, I really appreciate how you are conveying the importance of slowing down and getting into a Zen rhythm of dancing with paints. It takes being sensitive and being aware of where the painting should go. Wonderful as always Debi!

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  2. There’s something about torn edges that add to the beauty of the image and in a way remind us that without the paper there would be no image. Love the painting Debi that captures the colors, mystery and beauty of the PNW. I wonder if you are familiar with the work of the Seattle artist Nancy Taylor Stonington?

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    1. thanks Deb! and that was a play on a pun we have here in West. Australia ie W. A. we call it Wait Awhile because…it is so isolated over here, it takes FOR Ever to get anywhere, get anything done! LOL we find it funny…..

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    1. oh my goodness! and thank you Sudershana! that is so thoughtful, I do appreciate you thinking and nominating me 🙂 things are abit chaotic right now with work – so, I have to pass on this sadly!! I just won’t be able to do all my projects scheduled this next fortnight. but, thank you very much! Debi 🙂

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    1. thank you I’m happy that you enjoyed my watercolor landscape of the area near where I grew up!! we used to do lots of hiking and camping around that region. art is like driving… bumpy at first!! lol smoother later Thanks for stopping by, cheers, Debi


  3. Again I say you are just so awesome in taking the time to explain not only how you painted this but with what. It is just so beautiful, Debi. Did you paint from your imagination, or from a photo or from the real experience? Curious minds would like to know because I am mostly, 99.99999999999% photographer. (smile) Perhaps in my older years I’ll dabble in painting. If my hands still work. 😉 I won’t even get started on the aging process. LOL Beautiful post, dear friend!!! ❤

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    1. Amy my thanks! I hear you on the fountain of youth. hehehe
      So, while i have 10,000s of photos… I don’t paint From Them.
      I mostly go by my memory of the Place.
      it is the Truest spirit essence. and thats what is in my heart to convey. the places i paint, I know them and can ‘feel’ them. I can only do that by ‘walking and touching them’ but… thats me, Amy!! 🙂

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      1. Wow!!! Nice, Debi!! And you do capture the “spirit” or the essence because I feel it. Just beautiful!! Please let’s NOT even bring up the age factor. Amazing what time does. LOL

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