I’m missing Silly Saturdays.

Those days of coming up with silly, fun art creations for no other reason than just because. For…. the sheer pleasure,  the  process of creating provides!


self portraits, photo, debiriley.com
bright and fun… self portrait  fun

Of course, its done in a version of cobalt teal!



Bright, Fun, Playful Art

Yes, they fell by the wayside with the 31 days of July watercolor marathon and the Kalbarri adventures, and a few other ‘projects.’

You, have been pretty quiet about the Silly Saturdays. So, I’d concluded they’d served their purpose and it was time to let them …go.


digital art photo flowers, debiriley.com
Pretty Edges but whats in the middle


But… that ‘silliness’  plays a vital role in sparking the ember and fanning the flames of  creativity.


I think,  “Silly Saturday”  might make a return now and again!



Collage Textures

watercolor collage layers, fun art, debiriley.com
WIP watercolor collage I


fun art projects, collage and digital art, debiriley.com
Collage Layers and inks II

The watercolor cool and calm collage, still, an ongoing WIP… but was quite fun to play with editing sections. Using filters and double exposures.



Bright Colors

Deep pine green, indigo, lavenders and blushing rose layers created a bright colorful and very playful art image for me.

fun bright layers flower petal, digital photo, debiriley.com
fun and bright layers, like diffused oils on board…debiriley.com




So, today is a ‘throwback to silly art.’

And, lets hope for more Silly Saturdays…. whenever I can!



This final image was done with Jill in mind.  I’d told her I’d play around with trying out some self portraits some time ago. I hadn’t forgotten!

bright fun digital portraits, debiriley.com
Bold fun red and blue



bright and fun art creation projects, debiriley.com
cropping cadmium, debiriley.com

I’ve overlaid the portrait on top of my cadmium red abstract. Adjusted the tones and cropped a bit of the sides, for another Bright and Fun art creation!