Bright and Fun Art for Me!

digital art photo flowers,

I’m missing Silly Saturdays.

Those days of coming up with silly, fun art creations for no other reason than just because. For…. the sheer pleasure,  the  process of creating provides!


self portraits, photo,
bright and fun… self portrait  fun

Of course, its done in a version of cobalt teal!



Bright, Fun, Playful Art

Yes, they fell by the wayside with the 31 days of July watercolor marathon and the Kalbarri adventures, and a few other ‘projects.’

You, have been pretty quiet about the Silly Saturdays. So, I’d concluded they’d served their purpose and it was time to let them …go.


digital art photo flowers,
Pretty Edges but whats in the middle


But… that ‘silliness’  plays a vital role in sparking the ember and fanning the flames of  creativity.


I think,  “Silly Saturday”  might make a return now and again!



Collage Textures

watercolor collage layers, fun art,
WIP watercolor collage I


fun art projects, collage and digital art,
Collage Layers and inks II

The watercolor cool and calm collage, still, an ongoing WIP… but was quite fun to play with editing sections. Using filters and double exposures.



Bright Colors

Deep pine green, indigo, lavenders and blushing rose layers created a bright colorful and very playful art image for me.

fun bright layers flower petal, digital photo,
fun and bright layers, like diffused oils on board…




So, today is a ‘throwback to silly art.’

And, lets hope for more Silly Saturdays…. whenever I can!



This final image was done with Jill in mind.  I’d told her I’d play around with trying out some self portraits some time ago. I hadn’t forgotten!

bright fun digital portraits,
Bold fun red and blue



bright and fun art creation projects,
cropping cadmium,

I’ve overlaid the portrait on top of my cadmium red abstract. Adjusted the tones and cropped a bit of the sides, for another Bright and Fun art creation!  





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51 thoughts on “Bright and Fun Art for Me!

    1. thank you Anyushka, yes… even if its 1x month. gotta get the silly side seeping in! thanks too for ‘pretty edges’ it was fun to play with that one on the editor. 🙂

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  1. Like!!.well, infact.. LOVE, 😊 I loved Silly Saturdays, and now that you mention it; I have actually missed that FUN day Posts!!.That’s right Debi, we kind of put it to the side, for other (great Projects!), but, So glad for this throw-back! Lol. What Happy, colours, and creativity..Silliness, is Perfect play to Me!!..from taking quick pics to dabbling in frivolous artistic play,.A time, LIKE TODAY, I’m Glad you reminded US, of SILLY, FUN, ART!!. – so glad I dropped by TODAY.!!.. 😊

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    1. that is awesome, and I’m glad you stopped by and enjoyed the fun and silly art too! thanks so much Joanne, I always enjoy hearing from you 🙂 cheers, Debi

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      1. Hi!!.this is mobile Debi!!.thk you, and maybe, I should ( should) some of my fun silly, pic, drawings, dabblings..from those days, on my WordPress!!.AT least get something of creation onthere. Lol. Friend 🎈joanne (in the garden!)..‼️ night, thank you again!!.

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      2. ❤️ 1 more reply..!YES, AND YES!.. Hi, I have missed everyone this summer, but our Country was an oven..Maybe I will try to figure the computer stuff out, And just go for it..maybe..I COULD POST an old ” music piece?!..I will think of something. Joanne 💓🌸

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      3. oh do post some of your art images! 🙂 and, yes. I totally Understand…. about the heat. Perth has changed me!!
        from a ‘summer beach girl’ outside non stop – to omgosh… begging for winter ice.

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  2. So fun… your self portraits and you wip collages! wow…..I am so interested in collage especially using failed paintings (on both sides!) and making use of it to create more. Yay for Cobalt Blue….of course!

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    1. good morning M! glad you liked… and, amongst my “list” of post topics and projects… lol, more collage is percolating.
      but – all a case of in its due season. Moed. is the Hebrew word. due season. I like that!!
      thanks again. and you saw I was busy on Pinterest – pinning yours 🙂
      Remember that blue/green wc mountain landscape of mine you got started pinning?
      … well, its now just closing in at nearly 10K. THANK YOU M for pinning my paintings !!!

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      1. nah…..YES! lol I was planning on painting in the little town of Downieville but arrived at 8 am which was too early for the sun to light up my subject, their nostalgic buildings. A local guy told me that it wouldn’t be until 9 am! what? so I figured that I would go paint the river, I guess I’ll go back and paint the town red but at 9. hehe

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      2. yes, “neighborly into your business” but yes, laidback. I was in their little country store and someone decided to change it around and now it looks like any store in the US, kind of like a stop, grab and go. David and I were discussing how we hate their store changing on us. Darn…..why does everything think that they must be modern? lol I guess I am a pioneer at heart.

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  3. Playful and fun that is exactly how our Saturdays should be and you got it right! I love playing too with art, new things, layering, new ideas just getting out of the box and let it go not worry about the outcome. It is a healthy therapy to use, at least for myself. Love it, love it!

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