Creating Uniquely Original Content: Horses

creating original content in art,

How do I do it? How do I find subjects that are truly, uniquely Mine?

I use my filters. Not my ipad, PS filters.

But just the way I look intently at everything.

I go on zen strolls.  I take photos of things, people and animals that,  I am in love with.





Creating Original Content

Looking. Being Curious. Taking notes. Inventing. Imagining. Envisioning.


I invent stories within my mind with the shapes and forms that  I see. Wondering how these puzzle pieces might fit together into an Intriguing art image.


Zeroing In on  the swirls and patterns of colors and tones.

Yup… Just for Fun.

Or, Maybe the cascading falls of water has strange figures hiding within. Could I use that?


I wander.  I wonder.  I exert enormous amounts of effort. ie   ‘hard work.’

I practice and test hundreds of things out.

I try.

I might cry. But I never,  run dry of creativity or imagination or original content.



Once You Open the Door 

I’ve opened the door to creativity and imagination.

And now it spills out. Unless I am totally exhausted overloaded or ill. But otherwise,  once I gave myself permission to BE me there are no dry patches.

Honestly, I’ve more creative ideas than I’ll ever have the actual energy to create with.   Thats ok too. I can accept that.




Creative.  Story Telling.

Creative story telling with artwork, whether its sculpture, photography, collage, oils, watercolors…. It is the whole point!


I don’t want to merely ‘record’ a place.

Its so important to make the beloved subject emote. Say something!

To tell some kind of story.

make the Viewer want to Come Into the art work!




Subject Choice 

Horses.  For centuries, the horse has been symbolic of strength, power and Freedom. Freedom is essential when we create, paint.

Art, can be our “horse”  –  our avenue of freedom and strength.



I chose Horses and riding as my theme today, as its a subject completely embedded within my soul.

I love horses.  My granddaughter very apparently,  does as well. She’s the rider. Again…. another Love.

We are far better at describing and making others see something that we ourselves Believe in, Know well and Love!    ….something well worth remembering…




about these images and formats


Have a think about these images.  About the types formats I used, the color choices made, the edge and focus choices.

The parts I chose to shoot and how.


Why,  would I choose these segments, and parts?   What meaning and symbolism could they have?  What kinds of ‘stories’  might each photograph bring to mind.   What does each evoke?


A Pattern emerges.  I might take 50 shots of an eye.  100 of hands, 200 of a dewdrop.  There is a reason.

Sometimes…. we don’t ‘see’ the reason right at that moment, it clarifies over time. As we review the overall collection.  Then we see a pattern emerging.   A message, ie some story that wants to be told.



I’m going to leave it to you,  to  come to your own conclusions on the 4 images.  And the stories and messages they may convey.




First Image

The eye, rein, rider graduating focus.

creating original content in art,
Connected – horse and rider And US    –  (c)




The UPward head shot of the rider.

create unique stories in art,
Rider Up and loves the view   (c)





The hands on the reins, in control but not fearful.


telling stories, creating content in art,
Calm, Focused Control of the Reins



The neck and mane, saddle, rein, hand, rider.



horse and rider unity, photo,
Unity of horse and rider





I love  telling stories through art.

Art, via color or brush, or photos … these,  can be our Words… so don’t hold back!!



This is how, we can create Uniquely original content  in our art.

Just use our own, words.





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21 thoughts on “Creating Uniquely Original Content: Horses

  1. Enjoyed your post, Debi! I love taking LOTS of photos too! I don’t think I will ever run out of creative ideas either. 😄🎨👍 I especially like the photo of your horse’s eye. I think we can start to learn about an animal or person by looking at their eyes. Windows to their souls I believe is true. 💕💖

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  2. Great ideas! Beautiful captures, especially love the close up of the horses eye, I could feel that! One of the tricks I like to use to get my best shot is to quickly take multiple photos, different ways of my subject..

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    1. thanks! Nigel…was his name and he, loved the camera. the ham! so he did get lots of pics, LOL glad you enjoyed looking into Nigel’s big brown eye as much as I did! 🙂

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  3. “Uniquely original”, that’s it, that is my new motto! Love your photos, living stories through your lenses, you zoom in right to the heart just as we zoom in right to the essence of the images thanks to you ability to capture it! Brilliant!

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