I’d like to inspire you. I hope I do.   I’d like to infuse you with the spirit of adventure and to encourage you. To excite you with the possibilities and wonders your very own creative voice has for us.  To let you know that those little wee mistakes, imperfections are part of this beautiful process of art making.

I’d love for each of you who are wishing that you too could paint…. to just let go.



Letting Go the Map

I went for a drive.

car drive with polished nails, debiriley.com
Going for A Drive…. let go the map

I was planning on finding a riot of color for this Monday’s class.



I did find some flowers with pretty colors.

But…. found it was the mysteries of the shapes that lured me in. It was the soft lull of the blurred backgrounds that really captured my heart.



Funny thing. Setting out on a journey with a destination in clearly in mind, and discovering better things along the way.

I like that.  It keeps life interesting, fun, joyous and surprising.



I by nature, always have loved set routine.  Patterns, recipes, formulas, templates.  Monday through Sunday. I’m an introvert. This is just how I seemed to function best.

But I’ve learned also, that it tightens and narrows. It becomes more and more like concrete shoes. Especially. With art.



I’ve learned to more and more to just Let Go.

I enjoyed letting go in Blues.  The abstract floral petals image below. It was inspired by the lovely shapes of petals.   It is an abstract.  I loved how the colors and tones ran and played together.

Is it ‘perfect’?   Oh No, not by a long shot.  Do I love looking at it? Yup.   and so,  thats Good Enough.


abstract petals in blue watercolors, debiriley.com
abstract shapes of  floral petals, debiriley.com

Let Go and try things my own Unique way.

To try odd experiments.  I don’t ‘have to’  show them to anyone,  do I?!   They’re Just for me, just so I know if this ‘test’ will work out for me, or not.

If not, well I’ll try new next time!  Art is fun!  Not to be afraid of.


When one avenue doesn’t work, try another. and another. and another. and Another.


Be so determined, that you will practice.  You’ll paint outside, you’ll set up your own still life on your own tables… You  will  Do Whatever  It  Takes…   in order to improve your basic art skills and paint the paintings that are within you. Needing Let Out.



Just Let Go  and Please Your Self

Let go the need to show someone else.

The desire to please  somebody, other than your own lovely self!

This art… it is For You!    After all, YOU are the one taking the time, effort to create it.  It certainly should be something you love and means something to you.


If no one else ‘gets it’  – no worries.   I wouldn’t care if   ‘they’ didn’t like my brand of gluten free dairy free  coconut chocolate ice cream.

It is…. delicious to me!!!!     and I’m smiling as I write this thinking about it.


tea tree florals in macro, pinks and greens, debiriley.com
Letting Go,  soft and blurred background.    debiriley.com


Let Go Comparing

Let go the compulsion that we have that compares us to somebody else.

Stop. Comparing you to anybody else.

You are you.

We need you, to be you and to use your art language (paint) and express your inner creativity.


Seriously,  I love these guys, but I’ve seen enough copies, replicas, that really I don’t want to see any more.   (Whether the copies are of Monet, Sargent, O’Keefe, Picasso, Pino,  Whistler, David Taylor, etc. ..or myself.)


We don’t need any more copies.


What we really need  –  we  need more – Originals.

Just. Let. Go.




Let Go Perfection

Letting go of Perfection  is a challenging task. Embracing ‘imperfection’ seems almost …lazy, slovenly, slackardly.  At first.  But its not.

Have a read up on Wabi Sabi.  On Zen.

Both of these ideas can be vastly helpful to the new artist.

Wabi Sabi …. “nothing is permanent, finished or perfect”   thats a 6 word summary to a topic that is so beautiful, so rich and layered it would take several posts to illustrate!   My Zen posts might be a start.


Can you see the imperfection? the insect… that ‘messes up’ the photo below?  it is so … Wabi Sabi, so I left it in and decided to use this one as is.

flowers to inspire, photograph, debiriley.com
Inspiring Shapes of Flowers



The artists out there,  Those with generosity of soul.

Those who want to see others succeed.

Those who enjoy seeing others  finally expressing  authentic inner creativity –  those people I promise – will not   say hurtful things about your unique and authentic, your personally created  original  artwork.


The first words of a toddler might be dada.  The caring mother rejoices. She does not scowl that the child didn’t say mama first.    We rejoice at the heartfelt release of inner creativity and self expression.

If a loved one happens to use the wrong words to express their interpretations…. realise they’re not doing it to hurt; they may not have the art language to use to help them out.

They may have been conditioned to only accept a certain type of art as “art”  and have not been exposed to many art galleries or museums;  they may have NO Idea what its really like to actually have a brush in their hands and be try to remember and do the 1,000 things one must in order to put together a painting.  (no. No clue at all.) They just don’t know!


Word of advice, just don’t show your work to ‘mean’ people.  Its not worth it.



Just Let Go.



We need Originals.

We need the real you.