Off on a mini nature walk camera in hand.

Looking for one thing…. Finding something else altogether.



reed reflections, chicks, photo,
Reed Reflections


Zen Stroll


My mini walk really was refreshing and was a wonderful reminder.

How just often I, perhaps …we all,  search for “A Something”  so one singlemindedly, that I miss out completely on a real treasure.

Right in the weeds, grass, reeds in front of me.



Stroll had an Agenda


I wanted photos of Spring flowers.

When I set out I had in my mind, very clearly, almost rigidly – to take some shots of Spring flowers.


Tulips, daffodils, narcissus  were beginning to bloom in the neighborhood, so those, were my agenda.




The Muse had a different Agenda

But,  the wind whispered and led me down another street altogether.


Where I found – nothing.

There was just swamp. Dead brown reeds.  I was miffed. At first.


Then I sat. And breathed.

And opened my eyes.


the zen of walking, inspiration,
zen stroll


A strange and homely mother waterfowl was making odd noises. I looked closer.  She had a new hatchling with her.

Now. I see more.   And becoming more interested in their story, I sharpen my observation skills.  And wait.

I’m still, and relaxed. Waiting. Watching.


Aha. There’s some more quiet little chirruping going on, over to my right. In the grasses. The rest of the brood is on the edge of the nest, at the waterline. And pondering. Just waiting. Mustering the courage.  To make their first jump. Their first swim.


These chicks are so young their eyes still have that just hatched ‘big bug eye’ look.


I wait. Holding my breath.   Will they jump?

I’m really too interested now, to do more than hope I’m in focus and click.  And hope, some photos may just pan out.


zen stroll, hatching swims photo,
First Swim, zen stroll


The first in the nest, leaps!

Heads for his folks, like a trooper.



water chick first swim, photo,
Water Chick first swim


The next one, reaches the edge and pauses momentarily – the sun glints on her ruby head, just as she plunges in.

So too the next.  But the last little chick remains. Sad little chirrups.

This one is smaller, with eyes not quite open.



Daddy bird to the rescue

I’m a bit worried.  Its now alone.  And there are things out there.

Finally, daddy makes a squawk and zooms over.  “Just checkin'”   I think I heard him say.

I sigh,  I can relax.  Daddy bird can take it from here.




Zen Stroll Inspirational Learning Points
  1.  I can buy tulips, daffodils to paint and photograph anytime,  if need be
  2.  when the Muse invites,  don’t turn her down, nor turn down my nose at her offerings
  3.  short,  zen strolls reap great rewards – just different – than a marathon
  4.  when its not ‘going my way’ …. sit, pause, Breathe,  Be Still and Wait for it
  5. Greens are still  looking really restful, so no need yet… for a riot of color
  6.  not everything,  needs to be A Painting. sometimes creativity can be a zen stroll