I Feel It

Watercolor Mountain.   How.  did I do “that”?

I know it.  I feel it.   I walked it.

watercolor impressionist landscape, mountain in summer, debiriley.com
Watercolor A Mountain In Summer, debiriley.com


This would be nothing.

Just a clinical recording, had I no feeling for the location.   Had I not been there, had there been no special memory.

If it were just a mere photograph recording the pretty scene.  But I feel this place.

Its where my dog Laura and I went for one of her last drives.   To this valley overlooking the Olympic Mountains.


Read more about How I paint “that”  in my upcoming and longer… post!








  1. connection will always be there when you have seen the place personally. add to that if wonderful memories accompany such connection. to me the resulting interpretation of a creation will definitely show the feelings involved. amazing!

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  2. Adding depth to a work of art through your connection with this particular place is very obvious. I felt something special about it even before I read the post about why it is so special. I bitter sweet memory I would imagine.

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    • Thanks Rich, I appreciate your thoughtful comments!
      I always try to explain, why – I don’t just “copy” from a meaningless pretty photo.
      that there must be, Content. Must be feeling. I don’t think a lot of ‘beginners’ know this. so in my classes, this is one of the first topics.


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