Green fields, Green forests. Green sparkling foliage and fronds.

Jade, emerald, moss, bamboo green, willow green, sea foam green, turquoise, teal blue green…… So many beauties.

watercolor fern foliage greens, meaning of Green,
Song of Green, watercolors



Green has its Own Sound

Created by  blending  Yellow  (optimism and clarity)  with  Blue (calm and insight.)

I find  the color Green sings its own enchanting song.



For me, the song is soft and pure.

Inspiring Hope.


The color Green with its notes of renewal and growth, offers a wonderful sense and feeling of “Generosity of Soul.”  How beautiful.



azalea greens watercolor impressionist painting,
Zalea Greens, watercolors


Some of my art images here are new, some are old. Some are watercolors, some are acrylics or even photographic art creations.    It doesn’t really matter, does it?




Its the “Song,”  that matters this Monday morning.


A Softly inspiring Song, that whispers to us of Hope and generosity.  Of lovely good things, this Monday.


watercolor greens, sea grass impressionist painting with inks,
Sea Grass, watercolor inks


I hope, you too can hear these sweet notes of green.



stamen in collage, green and gold,
Stamen, abstract green and gold collage


Naples yellow, watercolor landscape abstract,
Jade River, watercolors



zen garden tropical retreat, foliage greens, calm, debi riley art,
Zen  fern Garden



Drifting Feather jade green, debi riley art,
Drifting in deep greens



Lunar Black Daniel Smith watercolors, Debi Riley art, mixing green,
colors of the ocean  watercolors



Each of the 8 art images played its part, in  Monday’s song of greens. 

From the first awakening starting image, to the middle guiding us onwards,  to the soft relaxing finish…each Green sings its own lovely inspiring notes.





watercolor greens, abstract art, perylene green,
Simply Green …….watercolors,

and this last one, Simply… because its so zen.