Watercolors, Simply Green

Simplicity is often best in watercolor greens.

Fresh and clean. Clarity. Those are the qualities I strive for. I aim for.

Sometimes I get lucky. Others, not so much.


watercolor greens, abstract art, perylene green, debiriley.com
Simply Green, watercolors debiriley.com

I roll the dice. 

Its always, a risk.



Watercolor Greens


This image began as a watercolor in cobalt green pale  with a bit of buff titanium. It was bland and pale. A  nothing.


I threw on some acrylic mediums and some crackle medium as an experiment. And set it aside, for quite some time.  Actually I forgot about it.



Revival of the Old work

I’ve returned to it after nearly 10 months.

A few days ago the idea came to me to take it outside in the morning sun and allow the grass shadows create the shapes for me to paint over!

Which I did….  Using  a  dark Perylene Green watercolor,  Daniel Smith.




Further Transformations

I then photographed the image and used a couple of filters to diffuse some areas and to enhance the crackle.   Its been a fun experiment with my fresh watercolor greens.


Having had a lot fun so far with the image, I’m inclined to develop and process it further. You may see more versions of this theme in the upcoming posts. I now see so many Possibilities within this,  its exciting!


The great thing was what initially turned me off the image, its blandness,  has now worked in my favor.  Allowing me to add on and create more, without worry about  fiddling,   or  ‘overdoing’ the image.


I’d probably label the image now a mixed media.  Though it began its life as a watercolor, it evolved.  It travelled down a few unexpected roads and changed along the way!

Even so,    Watercolors  Simply Green  has stayed a monochromatic image and thus maintains its clarity, its freshness. Always a Good thing.










  1. From simple to perfectly simple. You have a gift of making things sing and dance with just a few steps forward, nothing fancy as a tango. As my Mother used to tell us, enjoy and taste what is on the table, you’ll never know how tasty it might be without experimenting on it.

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