Walt Disney: A Creative, Color Magician

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I madly love color.  I could define myself as a color addict, almost.  It all began while sitting in front of the television long ago.  And it was the magic hour.  Time, for Disney to start.

Walt Disney and his vivid,  creative imagination. Can you imagine what it would have been like without any of his creations?   I don’t even want to.

He took many of us out of the stiff and formal, often stilted world of black and white.

Into a realm of living color.

Down the fantastic slippery dip of color.  A Kaleidascope of Magic.


Walt Disney a kaleidascope color, abstract painting, debiriley.com
Pure Color is a Delight, debiriley.com

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Genius of Disney


In retrospect, I see how Disney’s creations drew us all out of the known world’s  limitations and into a world of possibilities.

Of Imagination.

Of childlike wonder and fascination.

Yes, Even the adults. Especially the adults.




What, Did Disney Possess?

How did he buck the existing rigid society system?

What made Disney succeed so dramatically that his impact can be felt close to 100 years on?






Can we do this too?

In our own way? In our own corners of the cosmos?

Absolutely!    And, why not?!   



Creative Color Magician

Walt Disney remains one of the world’s inspirational creative geniuses.  I love, admire and seek to emulate his Attitude.

My childhood, my artistic journey, my paintings – have all been highly influenced by the technicolor world of Disney.



Imagination is a Muscle  

Walt Disney, just ‘let his imagination go.’   He allowed it,  to fly.

So can I.


Freedom in thought and possibilities, became his second nature. And then, it became his first nature.   As natural as breathing to him.


A muscle he used so often it had no choice but to grow powerful.

A skill he honed until …..it became one of the most Magnificent artistic voices on film and television.





You see where I’m going with this.

  • Allow your creativity to break free.
  • Give it your ‘permission.’
  • Then, use that muscle  until  it becomes strong.
  • Yes, at first its weak and flabby.
  • But,  you don’t have to let it stay that way.






And it is true,  Walt Disney was last century.

Steve Jobs and his inventive masterpieces, certainly are more recent. Fresh,  in the population’s memories.


But, Disney…..

he opened those castle drawbridge doors to the kinds of creative possibilities that the world had never before imagined!


Disney brought us into a world of living, creative color.



digital photograph layered in colors, debiriley.com
Like a Star, colored in the Sky, debiriley.com



Brief Bio

Walt Disney born 1901 in Chicago, Illinois died age 65 in 1966 in California.  He created the first in color animated film “Snow White” in 1938.


This was laughed at. Disney was mocked.

Snow White was dubbed “Disney’s Folly.”


It went on to become a massive hit.  Disney went on of course, to create many more block buster, color animated films.





Two quotes of Disney’s  that I’d like to share as I  finish this post:


Its kind of fun

to do

the impossible.



All our dreams can come true,


we have the courage

to pursue them.



breath of life, inspired, digital abstract art, debiriley.com
Breath of Life – Inspired






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41 thoughts on “Walt Disney: A Creative, Color Magician

  1. That last quote is particularly encouraging to me, interesting how innovators of the creative past were once the oddballs when their creativity was out of the box. Now they are reviled and copied and studied. A good reminder to let creativity run free, sometimes it is hard when you (I!) want to compare oneself to other artists. But one must trudge on!

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    1. trudge on we must… With.. “ATTITUDE!” hehehe and yes, it gets to me too at times. then I shake it off. and think of the likes of Walt Disnes, the kinds of artists I really, truly want to emulate… not the others. and I’m back on track.

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  2. Such an inspiring post Debi! If only we won’t be crippled by fear and uncertainty, we can fly and soar high. If there are no “what ifs” in our vocabulary but only “why nots” then we can be given the chance to experience what older artists we admire had experienced. Though most of the experiences were of sadness, being unaccepted but they had moved on, continued to hone their craft and was always in awe of the possibilities that lay before them. If only we can all be that open, vulnerable and forgiving of ourselves. Oh how colorful the world would be!

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    1. yes.
      you spoke well Carrie.
      now, we’ll just copy and paste that in…. LOL I am so kidding!
      I am beginning to think that it can happen… that we can begin to be more forgiving and open Carrie. one person at time.
      thank you for a wonderfully insightful comment!

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      1. yes i believe that too. one small step can make a difference. who else will forgive us than ourselves. who else will begin to believe in us than ourselves. such the life of an artist. its like a running a marathon with proper pacing we’ll be able to manage the hills and downhills without injury. enjoy the weekend Debi!

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    1. yes!! I bet that leaves many back pedalling with no Valid, place to go 🙂 and thank you for your visit, and your comment! lovely. Cheers, Debi


    1. oooooh!!!! giddy with glee! thank you Jodi.
      I really really, tried on this one to get a glimmer, of that “Disney” color magic going…. with the ipad/editing etc. I think it did! A Challenge.


    1. thank you so much Sharon! He was a truly great inspiration…. for all. My ipad and photo editors came out as you see for … practice. 🙂


  3. Firstly my childhood would not have been the same without Walt Disney every Sunday evening. I love Disney films and still do to this day. Secondly your paintings are jaw dropping, mystical, brilliant creations that tug and tug at the soul. You are magic, Debi. You do not cease to amaze me. Bless you for inspiring me today for I am in a dry spell. Much Love! ❤

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    1. dear Amy, thank YOU!! so very much. really. I am so excitedly pleased, and happy that something in this post worked its way in and sparked for You!
      well, just Amen to that!!! happy. I’m having to rethink WP and my purpose – its not to be a’ big impact,’ but to inspire… One person. at a time. so, your comment comes at a great time! love and hugs, to you Amy. may the wellspring refill, renew, refresh as the weeks go by until you are fully Restored and overfilled with creative energies! cheers, Debi

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      1. Your excitement came clear through. I just came in from shooting macro, Debi, and for the first time since I’ve had my new camera, the spark of magic came through. I found I THINK the magic combination to capture as I had on my old camera. That and the dry spell I had been in has been broken. I am so grateful to you. You really have no idea what happened when I viewed your work. I came back to Life! That and my singing did it! 🙂 I’ve known a long time ago to let go of trying to make a big impact to be here on WP to touch lives, to encourage, to inspire, and WHEN recognition happens, it will be secondary to the friendships and Love I have gotten through WP. Bless you from my Heart. I have tears in my eyes, because this dry spell came piggybacked with my Karma’s death so it really took me by storm. I couldn’t live without my Art, without creating. It is the channel to Divinity for me. As I think it is for you as well. Your paintings, my friend, should be hanging in a museum. I mean that! You are GIFTED!!! Not only that, you have Heart, which is more important to me. 🙂 Much Love!!! ❤

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      2. I’m so happy that you’re seeing some light with that new camera! 🙂 sad about some of the other things though, but art will pull us thru. and again, thank you. if Heart – shines thru, thats the main thing anyway. really. hugs, love and … well, FUN!

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      3. I meant to tell you that your paintings express me, a part of me, something within me that just jumps with recognition in complete amazement and JOY. I wish I could express myself with a brush as yo do. You are amazing!


    1. color addicts not-anonymous! probably the best addiction (besides coffee) to have) thanks Laura for having a look and your wonderful comments – I look forward to reading them 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  4. An Awesome evening, with Debi and friends. I will add my voice to this most encouraging chorus.!Love Joanne Wighton.
    I am remembering the ” World of Walt Disney!” And what an incredible difference that ‘world’ of animation, colour and story- telling made in my little life..from colouring Cindarella?.Snow White, just Everything, Dress up, and actually visiting California Disney in 1962 – 4ish. Oh, how I imagined..and dreamed..Maybe, the seeds of ” Why Not!”..planted..to this day.!!.DARE to DREAM !!. The train ride alone, from Canada, through the U.s.a. To Los Angele’s California ( Santa Anna ) where my older brother was living..was fantastical!!.It is a diferent time now, so long gone, BUT WALT DISNEY WORLD is still here!!…colour my world, again and again, Blessings, and love.

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    1. hi Joanne, wow, what a wonderful comment!
      how touching it is to me 🙂 I had NO idea so many people would respond like this to my Disney “excursion”! and
      lets, Go… Color Our Worlds!! 🙂

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  5. Your work Debi as teacher and Artist* Is Filled with Fantastical, and Touching inspirations.. Along with all your followers!!.I love this journey, that we find ourselves on!.. Daring to reach out, is not one of my strong points..but I am working on it!!..❤️😊 Joanne

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    1. Joanne, I love it every time… I see Your name in the box, with a comment! I really thank you for doing it 🙂
      I think it is hard for many people to reach out and to dare – to risk, a comment. My thanks that you did! hugs to you, Debi

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  6. What a wonderful post Debi – I share your mad love of colour and will keep pursuing it as long as I’m able.
    Disney was such an inspiration wasn’t he? He dared to pursue, to dream and to persist.
    Thank you for being an inspiration too 😀

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    1. thanks! that means a lot from you Robyn. and yes, I look back and realise how much impact Disney really had on me and I’m amazed. He was amazing. And thank you for saying I’m an inspiration 🙂

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