11 Fun and different

colorful techniques

paintings of water…..


oil painting Hood Canal waters, debiriley.com
Pacific Blues, with rainbow, debiriley.com



Waters of the Pacific


“Pacific Blues”


The Pacific Northwest.

Lots of rain, lots of rainbows.


This is my version, my  ‘twist’ of a remembered view.  The old home that overlooked the Olympic Mountains and the cool clear waters of the Hood Canal, just after a recent rain.

And then, the sun peeped out.

The Rainbow appeared.





More Ways to Paint Water


From oils, to monotypes, watercolors, pastels and acrylics – I just like playing!

And,  why not I say?


water reflections, acrylic painting, debiriley.com
water reflections, monotype  acrylics


abstract painting in deep blues, ultramarine blue, prussian blue, easy art ideas for beginners, debiriley.com
On the Edge,  mixed media



watercolor contemporary landscape, cobalt teal blue pg50, abstract watercolor landscape, debiriley.com
Magical Mists watercolor landscape debi riley






unison pastels, contemporary landscape painting, bright colorful autumn tones in the landscape, debiriley.com
Water in Pastels debi riley





sailing the sea, acrylic painting in blues, debiriley.com
Azure Sailing   acrylics   debiriley.com



acrylics, water on sandy beach, debiriley.com
Channels at Tide Change, acrylics



surf painting in acrylics, debiriley.com
Surf Play acrylics   debiriley.com





oil landscape abstract painting, debiriley.com
Abstract River Landscape in Oils debiriley.com



cobalt teal blue pg50, reflections, landscapes, watercolor tips, beginners guide, debiriley.com
Reflections, detail  watercolor



Some are old.

Some are new.

Some are fresh to new viewers.



All have a different face to show us though, of water and how we can interpret it  in so many different ways.


watercolor seascape abstract, debiriley.com
Coastline, watercolors