Collage. I think a person either loves this art form challenge, or hates it.

Collage seems to be so much like a large crossword puzzle to me. Its created so slowly, piece by piece.

One glued layer at a time.


creative collage, blue and purple papers,
“Layers” Creative Collage,




collage, paper layers, blue, green,
Collage Layer by Layer,



Collage  Cohesion

Its a thinking journey too, for me.

Where to go next?  Who should be adjoining? Who doesn’t fit in?  Who’s the screamer, the too loud neighbor?

How to subdue them?  Tame them?  Delete them!

How to create harmony? Direction?  A pathway for the viewer to follow?

All very good questions.



Atwell Gallery’s Monday group had 2 great weeks of collage. A completely New lesson. They did really well. I knew it was a challenge for them though.

Hey, its a challenge for me as well.

That is the purpose, really for Collage.

To stretch and build, to develop those Design skills past one’s current existing levels!!





The secret to collage is to stay cool, calm and collected.  To maintain a sense of unity.  Cohesion.

All the pieces must, in the end, fit together like a well knit body.

Most often this is done,  one slow layer at a time.



Collage – Its a process of discovery.

A longer journey than we may have been prepared for, I imagine.



overlapping paper collage layers,
Overlapping Collage Layers,



Collage Materials Used

  • old reject paintings cut and  torn
  • gelli plate prints  discards
  • thin veils of tissue torn into shapes
  • acrylics, watercolors, copic markers
  • gel medium as glue
  • 24 x32″ canvas



Featured Collage Snippets

These 3 snippets I am featuring today, are just parts of a much larger collage I’m working on. I like these snippets.

But, at the moment the Whole of the art work is not  cohesive.




Piece by piece.  Tear by tear.   Day by day and week by week.

I might even begin to think of it as a bit of meditational art.

Its definitely, ‘contemplative.‘   A bit of Zen.



One Layer At a Time 

This collage is going to take some time – to become what it wants to be.


A  long journey for me in creative, overlapping layers.

One layer at a time.



sigh. no instant magic wand on this one.  But….

A lovely reason to stay Cool, Calm and Collaging!