I’ll use the Iphone camera. In a pinch.  I was so inspired by Angela’s colored glass… all I had at my disposal. Was my Iphone.


These are the ‘fruits’ of Iphone 5 in a pinch.

iphone 5 photos of colored glass, debiriley.com
Iphone 5 glass bottles, Its not the same.   debiriley.com



Lots (millions) of people are totally enamored with using their phones to take photos.  In fact,  they just don’t  have a Camera, at all.


Whipping out their phone and jauntily, blissfully, taking snapshots.


My eyes widen. My mind races.

I don’t quite hyperventilate… but, I think “This subject has the potential to be so totally, breathtaking.  So fascinating. Oh,…. No!


iphone 5 photos, color bottle, debiriley.com
cut glass in color, Iphone 5, debiriley.com

*With the Above photo, I went through a multiple of hoops.

Back and forth, one filter to another. One editor and another, trying to clean up the image.  Finally, it became relatively. alright, I guess…

Frankly.   Thats alot more work than I want to pursue on a Regular, basis.





I’ve been cajoled, encouraged, ‘assisted’ to get with the times. “Use your Iphone!!”

“Its easy, handy, always there, small. Nobody notices them. You can email, post on FB, Instagram, etc….”


iphone 5 photos, glass bottles mini minarets, debiriley.com
Iphone 5 glass minarets, debiriley.com



But  ‘why would I want to show and tell, these sad little unclear photos?’ I think in my mind.  Yes,  they’re on display now..but, I only for today.

I  see  such disparity in quality, in clarity, in definition-  Maybe its just me.


iphone 5 photos of glass reflections in color, debiriley.com
Photo Iphone 5, glass reflections in class, debiriley.com


I truly don’t love  my Iphone 5 results.

I can suppose I’m too picky.  Or that,  I should ‘know more.’


Or that I should buy more   ‘special apps’  to use to make the Iphone provide better photos that I do like.   Or buy the Iphone 6 and ditch my 5.






My old,  Canon Rebel doesn’t need a ton of bells and whistles.

Granted not every shot is full of clarity and definition. Many are not.

However, the ratio of good, bad, ugly and ok is in my “I’m alright with this ratio”  zone.

I only,  use 2 basic prime lenses.  Thats it. 50mm and a Macro 100mm.



I don’t have Photoshop/Lightroom now, after the hard drive and backup disaster.

I generally just use iphotos and the occasional digital fun filter.

Thats not alot of  bells and whistles. Fairly basic.


iphone 5 photo of glass, debiriley.com
Aglow. it was better in person


My really old Pentax that used film, was even more basic.

And on Manual…..I actually got far better quality photos from it, than many photos I take digitally these days.  I do miss that camera.





The Iphone 5  and I,  well  I will use it.

In a pinch.







you can  see, that my Canon does take far better shots.

I can get more than run of the mill. More than average. More than just another snapshot. If I want to.


canon rebel tsi glass bottle photos, debiriley.com
Canon Rebel. much better!    debiriley.com




Good fortune smiled.

People were moving about. The paint was flying. What fun!

crystal ball glass photographs, canon rebel, Atwell Gallery art painting classes, debiriley.com
Atwell Gallery,  Angela’s Crystal Ball. photo –  CANON Rebel, debiriley.com