Its early o’clock on a Saturday morning. No birds chirping yet. No bees busy either. Just me. Its nice and peaceful. Sounds of zen in the background, the water in the aquariums gently gurgled as I sip my delicious coffee.


It reminds me a little of the quote from Elise Blumann, about Stillness from my post  “Beautiful Findings Zen VI


Faces of Flowers

Oh.  So whats this about faces in flowers?


pastel watercolor digital painting, fun funky art,
Pastel Watercolor origins, morphing to digital




Trial Runs

A few weeks back I had a trial run,  a play with this pastel watercolor. Then turned into into digital, just exploring the options.



It made me think of more –  Possibilities.

That is such a Beautiful word. “Possibilities”

Don’t you just love it!?


Version 2
facing the setting sun – plum blossoms, (c) 



Using my Imagination


I wondered how I might alter Faces. Of flowers and other shapes and subjects….

How I and others might see them.


I began to imagine.


cornflower in blues, digital art,
Face of a Cornflower,



The act of creation


And then began to create.

First I imagine;  with the possibilities flickering in, to light up the path.


You’ve already seen the first initial blue/green  Chrysanthemum  in Softly Antiqued Mums   and these below,  are the follow ons from that first one.


digital art photo flower print purples,
Cream Chrysanthemum, facing West,



indian red floral antiqued digital print,
Indian Red Chrysanthemum,



digital art photo floral print in red, orange, antiqued,
Last Light, shines upon the flower face




Same Flower – Different Faces


What I love is the last 3 images are the same photo…. and yet each now wears a different face.

We can interpret something distinct from each.



Also,  not ‘classically beautiful’  like the traditional big bouquet of pretty roses, yet these seem timeless.

Charming.     So,   Full of Wabi Sabi. Zen.




Beautiful.  These Faces of a Flower.