Glistening…like glass

water falling, photo,
water falling, photo,
Water Glistening, photo,

I took a walk.

Just a stroll really. Its not ‘exercise’ I won’t lie to myself!



But I was trying to get a little Vitamin D after a few weeks of grey clouds and rain. Believe it or not, here in Perth.

And,  please remember – I LIKE the clouds and rain here.  In fact, I’m absorbing as much of this as I possibly can. Storing it up….for later.




A park nearby with a staggered cascade of mini-falls caught my eye.

Lured me.  Like a fish with a shiny hook.


I sauntered over.




I was inspired of course, by glass.

By Angela’s bottles and her lovely watercolor painting of glass.

It did influence the theme of photos that I took on my stroll.  Just a little.



Walks in the park.  Short strolls.  They work for me.





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21 thoughts on “Glistening…like glass

    1. yes… I WAS. til I spent all day long prepping and putting molding paste onto 20+ canvas for upcoming workshop next week. knackered now. lol
      wondering where is the ‘rocker’ and I’m not talking music Margaret!! 🙂

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    1. thank you Jodi! speaking of strolls… hows the guy doing? hehehe, Charlie!! has he been on some good long country rolics in the fields? ps, did YOU, see the face in the water? I just now did. it was weird. hopefully its just me, and nobody else notices it 🙂

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      1. Charlie ‘s doing great. It’s been so hot and humid here we’ve been a little slothenly

        Omg. I didn’t see the face till you said and now it is right there in the top left pouting. Lol.

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      2. dangit! I should have shut my mouth!! lol Sorry, bout your weather… its pretty miserable like that. I’m guessing though, you are lucky enough to have AC, so that would help alot. Just not so much for going Outside. look forward to hearing from Charlie soon too 🙂 stay cool! hugs, too Debi

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    1. Thank you Beth! you are right, you do see more after awhile!
      it is a strange photo, now I see it online again. faces in it! that i didn’t see… oh well.

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