water falling, photo, debiriley.com
Water Glistening, photo, debiriley.com

I took a walk.

Just a stroll really. Its not ‘exercise’ I won’t lie to myself!



But I was trying to get a little Vitamin D after a few weeks of grey clouds and rain. Believe it or not, here in Perth.

And,  please remember – I LIKE the clouds and rain here.  In fact, I’m absorbing as much of this as I possibly can. Storing it up….for later.




A park nearby with a staggered cascade of mini-falls caught my eye.

Lured me.  Like a fish with a shiny hook.


I sauntered over.




I was inspired of course, by glass.

By Angela’s bottles and her lovely watercolor painting of glass.

It did influence the theme of photos that I took on my stroll.  Just a little.



Walks in the park.  Short strolls.  They work for me.