Captivating – Angela’s Watercolor Glass

how to paint glass in watercolors, creative, loose and fresh painting watercolor of glass bottles, students work,

The simplicity of line, tone and color are captivating.

The subtle nuances of colors and shades lovely.

The “Wabi Sabi” imperfections that were just left alone, to BE ….. delicious.   Indeed, those drips,  ‘splotches’…..  make the painting come to life!


how to paint glass in watercolors, creative, loose and fresh painting watercolor of glass bottles, students work,
Angela’s Captivating Glass: watercolor painting, exciting watercolors workshops,



Angela’s  Watercolor Glass


Angela is an artist just starting out.

She has very graciously given permission to show her artwork online. Thank You!



So  in respect, for Angela’s  kindness in allowing me to post her work online-

I ask that you  please, do not,  copy or duplicate or take her work….she deserves to be compensated, for her labor.    For her money, time and effort.


I’d like us all to be aware that as an artist…… it is our Source of income.

For most artists,

This. IS. our Job.

The artwork you see displayed, is the bread on our tables.  That is our reality.



It is the exact same as if we had created a TV.  or a carpet.  or wedding cake.  or wrote The Game of Thrones.

…. and of course, we would never  think to go and ‘take those.’    just because it was ‘online.’



Thank you so much for understanding    “the life, of an artist!!”




Watercolor Glass Painting Suggestions for You!

for your Own Captivating Watercolors painting Bottles and  Glass



  • Find 5-7 vases, perfume bottles, colored glass bottles of any sort really
  • not too many though
  • include bottles, vases that are Personal to you, that is what Captivates us!
  • green, blue, pink, red, orange & clear,  for best color reflections
  • set them onto aluminum foil, for the greatest reflections!
  • draw them onto  paper in a vertical format  to showcase those reflections
  • make sure the bottles overlap each other,   ie   interconnecting
  • paint back to front
  • make sure you have light, mid, dark tones in each glass bottle
  • make sure you have hints/dollops of reflected colors from the other bottles too
  • don’t stress about getting the ‘shapes’ just right ….. so much as creating the ambience of the Reflections!






I was quite excited with Angela’s painting. A leap aheap. A deft touch. I could sense the ‘feeling’ in the painting.  Lively, yet with delicacy.


Captivating Watercolor Glass Painting, by Angela.  





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25 thoughts on “Captivating – Angela’s Watercolor Glass

  1. Oh boy….a challenge of sorts? Really? I have some neat glass that was made in my mother’s hometown that I was looking at today….in fact while cleaning, I handled a lot of my old glass/treasures. Interesting because later I get on here and there is a challenge. Thank you Debi, you are always encouraging, challenging or making me think, I treasure that!

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    1. Awesome Margaret! lol, that’s what ‘they say’ in class too. Re, you’re making us Think! 🙂 I am so excited, now, to see some of your glass. both in photos and the paintings!
      I’m going to share the photos of the glass shortly too.

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      1. Okay….sounds like a plan. It might not happen until at least Friday, I have a girl’s day tomorrow, how rare that is for me! Husband is gone on a fire assignment and I can play and keep my own hours. Oh boy! lol

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      2. smiling…. you party animal LOL its funny, how few girls’ nites or girls days there seem to be these days. time seems to go by in a blink. and every Body, is busy. 🙂 but, I think back; and we were ‘Real Busy’, back then too and still had nearly weekly events!

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    1. hi Jodi! Thank you…for Angela 🙂 Angela has made leaps and bounds; she follows my site so she will see all the great comments! now, I just wish I had done some painting in class too LOL


  2. Great work, Angela! I love those drips, the coloring outside of the drawing lines, the imperfections making the over all painting perfect as it it. Thank you for sharing. ❤


    1. ooops! did you know its not mine?! I just want to make sure no one thinks I am taking credit… for someone else’s work. that wouldn’t be very nice of me! in the post I say it was done by my student in my class when I set the challenge of “colored glass bottles” And Angela really did a great job with it! 🙂

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