Make Connections: Watercolor

Australia in abstract watercolors, patterns and shapes reds and blues,

making the connections.

what my eyes saw, what my mind said, what my heart felt and what my soul heard……..

#worldwatercolorgroup, watercolor abstracts of Kalbarri Western Australia,
Watercolor Connections, Kalbarri Landscapes


from the Western Australia Kalbarri landscape subject seen –  to the heart,  to the mind,  to finally onto  the paper.




Connecting With The Subject

Make the subject yours. Yours alone!!

Make it come to life. Even if… its just in your own mind. Breathe the spark of life into it.

Give it, all you have to give.

Don’t hold back.  Don’t make us feel cold with an impersonal touch.   No.  Make the subject Yours.  Give it all you have to give!




Abstracted Watercolors-  waterholes and the land


its all about trying to make that connection

relating those pieces together in harmony as they …were.



Kalbarri, Murchison River, art by debi riley, travel Perth, photograph
River Speaks of Art,




Australia in abstract watercolors, patterns and shapes reds and blues,
Australia: Patterns and Shapes,



scarred gorges Murchison river, W.A. Kalbarri, travel photography,
Scars Upon the River’s Face, Murchison River,




A Mission, A Purpose:   The “Intent”


trying to convey


the glittering golden sun slipping down

the waterholes of the land

the animal life and their trails in a seemingly barren land

the breathtaking boldness of the ocean and sky

the intricacy of pattern and line and shape of the rocks and boulders


Kalbarri Western Australia,
Kalbarri Sun



sunset watercolors,





making the connections


I feel,  with all these

and slipping bits onto paper ……….

one bit at a time







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The act of creation, in any media is a fascinating and magical process. I simply love to create. Expressing in color, line, tone, texture - as if, they were words upon a page. Creating a uniquely me, interpretation. Enjoy More of my "one-of-a-kind" expressive art at and,

46 thoughts on “Make Connections: Watercolor

  1. Truly expression, not just trying to copy and “show” but you are telling your own unique story, your view, your expression of this scene….one that grabs the soul and makes that journey to the heart. Anyone can take a little journey with the eyes but when it goes deeper into the heart and memory, that is truly significant art, imho. You remind me again why don’t I chase and paint more in the interpretive style that I adore so much….why keep trying to do what most people expect….rote interpretation? I walk in between at times but I prefer the imaginative, the abstract. Your posts always encourage me because you are tap…tap….tapping on my inner world of observation that is there but hard to express outwardly in the expressive, let loose and fancy free style that I adore. You seem to walk on that edge that I want to walk! Love your paintings and your vision, it is uniquely yours and you convey so much with so little…..Yay! I wanna be that way! (artist envy here) I do walk on that now and then but I teeter to the other side of convention. Thank you for keeping me reminded of where I want to venture to…. 🙂 boy, this was long but I had to get it out! lol

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    1. thank you so much Rajiv!! Yes! you’d love the freedom and letting go!
      letting Creativity out, is such a wonderful experience. I love the great masters esp the Australian oil painters ie Fred Williams, John Olsen!! these artists, gosh. they are way more than nice… thats for sure!! so lovely in capturing the feeling and expression of a place. Now, IF I could paint like them…. LOL

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    1. thanks Cattie! Kalbarri is north of Perth, Western Australia about 5 hours. Its a fabulous ancient landscape! with deep cut gorges from the river and renowned area for its Spring Wildflowers. there’s whale watching too, – but can only do so much in 48 hours!! 🙂 we sure packed alot in though. have a look at some of my previous posts too. plus, there will be more on Kalbarri

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    1. good Morning! Sharon! glad to ‘see’ you and very happy you liked these as well 🙂 looking forward to seeing what your imagination has in store for US……. when it, is ready! 🙂


  2. A wonderful journey indeed – eyes to heart to soul to memory to brain to feelings to life to imagination to YOU beautiful YOU!

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    1. gosh, blessings rain down! thanks! you are very kind Jodi. I sure hope, it comes across that I’m sharing the good, the bad, the ugly. – the art fails, and mess ups and that its all – part, of this process! and to borrow the Rag’n’Bone Man line, we’re “only Human after all” …loved that song!

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  3. I really enjoyed these Australian colors in your photos and paintings, Debi, have a nice day, we have a few days of summer now. Cheers Mitza

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    1. thanks! I’ve lived and travelled in Australia now for 25+yrs and so I’d have to say honestly… both.
      I’ve learned so much about the native cultures dating back 40,000 years.! and John Olsen, Fred Williams, Robert Juniper also have these elements added in their work as well.
      I don’t look at aboriginal art as Reference. ever.
      Its more…… the ‘feeling of the peoples from the land’
      its always – about the Land 🙂 lol


  4. Your interpretations are inspiring!! When I first started with my DSLR I had no idea what to do. I went online and found a tutor I hired one time. I expected him to tell me how to use my camera controls but what he said was don’t just take a picture because a picture is just a record of something and is not art. You want to make art. I’ve never forgotten this and at that point I knew I wanted to be more artistic. You are a true artist!! I love seeing your work.

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    1. wow! whoever that guy was…. Brilliant. It would be awesome, if all. ALL. creative arts instructors would give that very same kind of counsel!
      I thank you Laura, so much for your comment!
      I truly do aspire, to Create art, not record something.

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  5. Beautiful images and words Debi, those powerful patterns and colours in your painting remind me of some of the beautiful African tribal paintings I have seen. Great post!

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      1. Yes indeed, I was thinking the same thing when I made my comment. A lot of similarity in geology and some species of animals, like crocs and snakes. That same earth spirit probably energizes art in the two places as well?

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