making the connections.

what my eyes saw, what my mind said, what my heart felt and what my soul heard……..

#worldwatercolorgroup, watercolor abstracts of Kalbarri Western Australia,
Watercolor Connections, Kalbarri Landscapes


from the Western Australia Kalbarri landscape subject seen –  to the heart,  to the mind,  to finally onto  the paper.




Connecting With The Subject

Make the subject yours. Yours alone!!

Make it come to life. Even if… its just in your own mind. Breathe the spark of life into it.

Give it, all you have to give.

Don’t hold back.  Don’t make us feel cold with an impersonal touch.   No.  Make the subject Yours.  Give it all you have to give!




Abstracted Watercolors-  waterholes and the land


its all about trying to make that connection

relating those pieces together in harmony as they …were.



Kalbarri, Murchison River, art by debi riley, travel Perth, photograph
River Speaks of Art,




Australia in abstract watercolors, patterns and shapes reds and blues,
Australia: Patterns and Shapes,



scarred gorges Murchison river, W.A. Kalbarri, travel photography,
Scars Upon the River’s Face, Murchison River,




A Mission, A Purpose:   The “Intent”


trying to convey


the glittering golden sun slipping down

the waterholes of the land

the animal life and their trails in a seemingly barren land

the breathtaking boldness of the ocean and sky

the intricacy of pattern and line and shape of the rocks and boulders


Kalbarri Western Australia,
Kalbarri Sun



sunset watercolors,





making the connections


I feel,  with all these

and slipping bits onto paper ……….

one bit at a time







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