Art and Creativity come in many forms

inspirational music, Rag'n'Bone Man "Human",

Rag’n’Bone Man (born Rory Graham) sings “Human“. He’s a British singer-songwriter from Uckfield, near Brighton. At 15, he started he career by testing his rap skills at open-mic hip hop nights. At 19, encouraged by his father, he sang at a blues jam in a local pub and doors started opening for acoustic gigs. His […]

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    1. (I don’t do ‘shares’ hardly ever, and never music. but this. gosh!)
      my pleasure… glad to share this. now, time to listen again. LOL but, to give credit…. I got it from David, at

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    1. so glad you had a listen Amy! it takes a mountain, to get me to do a share… let alone a MUSIC share to boot.
      I think more people would LOVE him, if they hear him 🙂

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