Art and Creativity come in many forms

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Rag’n’Bone Man (born Rory Graham) sings “Human“. He’s a British singer-songwriter from Uckfield, near Brighton. At 15, he started he career by testing his rap skills at open-mic hip hop nights. At 19, encouraged by his father, he sang at a blues jam in a local pub and doors started opening for acoustic gigs. His […]

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The act of creation, in any media is a fascinating and magical process. I simply love to create. Expressing in color, line, tone, texture - as if, they were words upon a page. Creating a uniquely me, interpretation. Enjoy More of my "one-of-a-kind" expressive art at and,

11 thoughts on “Art and Creativity come in many forms

    1. (I don’t do ‘shares’ hardly ever, and never music. but this. gosh!)
      my pleasure… glad to share this. now, time to listen again. LOL but, to give credit…. I got it from David, at

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    1. so glad you had a listen Amy! it takes a mountain, to get me to do a share… let alone a MUSIC share to boot.
      I think more people would LOVE him, if they hear him 🙂

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