Call me, a rebel.  I enjoy creating things my way. I don’t follow the recipes.

Nor do I follow the paths already laid out so nicely upon the landscape.

I like blazing my own trail. Finding my own way.

Finding my own sunshine, joy and creativity.


cut glass pineapple design, reflections, photography,
Cut Glass Pineapple with colored reflections,

Photography Props:

Pineapple design Crystal glass was collected with my sister, several years ago; the blue Kanawha vase was given decades ago c. 1970 from my grandmother;   and the orange hand blown glass vase was from my much loved father.

Each of these, have a unique and personal meaning. Its this, that  translates to the Viewer and helps them to connect to the subject more.




Curiosity and Creativity

I have an intense curiosity.


That, I believe is what overcomes the fear of failure.

Failures…. plural.  There’s been a fair few and will continue to be more!

They don’t worry me. I just get up and go another route.


No.  I don’t believe that curiosity kills the cat.




Reflected Colors in Glass


My Atwell Class this week was spectacular fun, so exciting. They brought in their own colored glass to paint “reflected lights.”

Each bottle had its own little story. That makes it personal. Interesting. Alive. Fresh. Authentic!!


It was a big challenge, but it went really well for each student. Some may need a dash of high light, or an edge softened off just to finish… but they look brilliant!


blue Kanawha glass, still life photography,
Blue Kanawha Glass,



One woman, brought the most, exquisite grouping of fine luxury perfume bottles I’ve seen.

I was, I confess…..  Green.




Bad Green Monster 

I’m sorry, its not a nice thing to be so jealous.


It wasn’t the perfume I coveted. No.

It was the bottles and the glorious reflected colored lights they created!

Absolutely Incredible.


I’m sure it doesn’t sound that way to many of you.

But, the painter in me, went to a very joyful, sunny colorful place!



colors in glass, creativity in art, photography
Colors I See… Foils of Creativity,



Iphone  photos last resort

I did take photos of the gorgeous array of glass perfume bottles, with my iphone. Still, they looked ‘reasonably,’ ok.


I wanted desperately, to USE  Them!



You know,  its a bit like my Pinterest Art boards.  They’re intended really,  to act like a Gallery.  Like a Fine Museum.    They’re not intended… to be Templates for free!

More like “Catalysts”  to stir up my very own Imagination!!!  Jan V. would be quite unhappy with me if I were to go and grab one of her paintings, paint it and sell it. She’s had that happen before and OH Dear,  Not happy Jan!


So, my student’s bottles (of Perfume)  are safe!


I figured I needed to find my own bottles.

So. I did.


colored glass, orange pineapple design,
Cut Glass Design, Orange Pineapples…   Joyful   Inspirations 


Jodi over at  has shared a number of joyful, sunny and inspirational posts. Some of the titles and phrases that even after a year or more, still…. ring in my mind:

“Be Brave

Be Unique, Be an Individual!

Be Your Own Kind of beautiful

Stand Out,   Bloom”


These are all such Inspiring wonderful mottos and philosophies to take to heart!


These,  help a person stretch and ….. Grow!

She has a Great blog with inspiring words and super photographs as well, Have a look.





Sunshine Peeks Out…5 minutes

The morning had a brief snippet of sun peek through, lighting my kitchen window. This only lasts about  3-4 minutes. I dashed for the study collecting 3 glass items, then ran for my camera.

No time for a tripod!


Whipped out the tin foil to help with reflections and snapped off about 50 shots. Hand held, doing the best I could in a short space of time.





wow.  color.

I LOVE These with their flashes and snippets of colors!

It was well worth my time and effort. That mad crazy dash and the 5 minute flurry of photos.


Finding my own creativity. Yes.

Found my own sunshine. My own path.  My own joy.   Nice little reward of color!

I like, being a rebel.        Its ‘only’ art, I’m not driving on a race track. Nor,  jumping from an airplane. I’m not that big of a rebel after all.



facets of colored glass, still life photography,
Glass Faces of Color,


I see cobalt teal blue, mango orange, lime, ultramarine, lilac, viridian, topaz and champagne!  Delightful.




Creativity and Inspirations

I wonder….what You, could create in your kitchen!



Can I inspire you,  to find your own joy?


Your own path?  Your own sunshine?

Be a tiny bit of a rebel?   Find your very own,  creativity?  



It is definitely – worth it.