Sky With Attitude!

moody sky photographs, Kalbarri travel photos,

Stop! Stop the drama. Stop the attitude!

This sky, isn’t just ‘another’ sky……

moody sky photographs, Kalbarri travel photos,
Sky With Attitude,



But it is Another Face,  Of Kalbarri.

Western Australia.





I really don’t mind  all the drama and the attitude going on.


Find Out…. in the preceding “The Face of a River” !




Even though, this is on the dark side (for me)  I decided a trip now and again to that side, surely won’t hurt.



Sometimes.   Showing some Attitude,  can be a beautiful thing.





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20 thoughts on “Sky With Attitude!

  1. This is gorgeous, I don’t consider this dark side at all. I was working last night on a rather large piece of pre-torn WC paper and it turned into a very large and stormy sky. Wow, but stormy skies can be even more beautiful! I just love this, I was wondering if it was digitally altered, or is this as it was taken? Just love the patterns in this. 💜

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    1. it is how it looked, except for the Tone. I did Darken the hill and the shadows, and brought forth the existing colors a fraction more in the photo editor. but no photoshop overhaul to create the patterns or anything. I’ve lost my photoshop when my harddrive died and haven’t paid to get it again. lol

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    1. thanks M. and it would work great for pastels and oils! not so much for acrylics though. Unless… I used lots of retarder or open medium. but, I think for me, this goes into my ‘memory banks’ for storage, to use from memory in a future painting. I think so.

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  2. Lovely series on trip to Kalbarrie adventure, Debi. These photographs are absolutely STUNNING, I for one Love the mood and atmosphere created in (previous) The face of a River..and this present creation of the camera!!..WOW!!..Very compelling and inspirational.!. Awaiting, more from Debi!

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    1. hi Joanne, thank you! I’m (trying) to convey in the post with the …. descriptions and explanations – a sense of this land.
      And how each post is connected to the other, woven together. not sure if my words in the posts really have been that successful. we will see!

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      1. You are doing fine Debi..”.My words r lacking/ lol..The sense of AUSTRALIAN HERITAGE and Lands has me hooked, Ancient and beckoning..Red earth..!!.check out my 2 month old ‘ in the Garden!’..ipad camera, looking DOWN..NO WORDS..❤️ just little ” flowers!”..Contemplations..!!..
        We will see…jo.

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  3. Such a wonderful sky Debi. I agree we all need to go over to the dark side from time to time, but at the end of the day it’s the light that warms us and lets us see the colors of your favourite blues, yellows and reds, which you use so magically. Have a wonderful week 🙂


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