Flowers. And, More Flowers!  I’m in a “Flower” kind of mood.  ANY  kind of flower will do.

flowers bold bright blue orchids in art,
Orchids ala 1960’s!


Photos, mixed media, from the imagination, acrylics, inks, drawings, watercolor, old images or new.

Those things – are irrelevant to me at the moment.

Right now,  its All About the Flower!



sunlit orange yellow petals against the sun, rose petal photograph
sunlit joyous floral,


My focus and purpose isn’t so much providing  “New”  and novel experiences that are exciting just at the moment but….. so easy to forget 10 minutes later.



Art Garden of  Flower Power

Its more of  an attempt, to try to convey the sheer beauty of form that various flowers can provide us in so many differing media.

More of a collection of florals to soothe and inspire.


More of a “Floral Oasis”  to come back to;  return,  to chill and zen.


It is a Garden.




And hopefully, the effort can be successful in some measure, for some!



monochrome black and white photograph magnolia,
Magnolia Monochrome



Right now,  its all about The Flower!



By Joyce - watercolour floral, palette knife
By Joyce

Watercolor with Palette knife  creating soft, lush and atmospheric  pink tones of roses and peonies all bunched together. So Lovely.




Cobalt blue rosemary canon macro photo,
Cobalt Blue Rosemary, Canon Macro,



Ethereal blooms photo canon 600d 100mm f2.8L
“Ethereal”      soft, delicately out of focus. enchanting.   Canon 600d 100mm f2.8

Such an imaginative shot, with the blurred edges…. looking nearly like a dreamscape. And the glorious pinks with the greys! divine!




Watercolour Flower painting with 3 colours
watercolour painting, using winsor lemon permanent rose cobalt blue


blue acrylic monochrome
Blue Floral Abstract


sunlit glowing poppy petals photo
Sunlit and Glowing Poppy Petals


Wonderful things, do come in small packages.


This close up of sunlit poppy petal still enchants me.

Even though the photo was taken nearly 10 years ago…. yes, Its OLD.

And loved. And still has things to teach…


Red poppies behind the fence lines
Red Poppies behind the Lines




watercolor Bird of paradise, student art,
UWA Bird of Paradise workshop

Students’  art work  that sings with color harmony, tonal nuances and  wonderful design.



rain on pink roses, photo, flower power art,
Rain on Roses


A new,  image.  Intriguing in the depth of field. Soft edges front and back with the center area targeted and in focus.   I liked it.  Refreshing.




Being Inspired


Whether its old things or new things,  it is possible to be inspired and learn from them all.

Today’s post  was a great way to review images and see them with fresh eyes.

As well as putting them into a “Collection.”


Making a Collection and assembling the items, really does organise your thoughts and cements art basics while you are in the process too.  Its a great idea!

bird of paradise watercolor painting,
bird of paradise watercolor painting,


I hope you had a wonderful time traveling through my Flower Power Garden today.


It never fails to inspire and amaze me, how the various forms of flowers  create such gorgeous art.


lovely pale pink flowers in a vase, photo, debi riley art
Flowers in an Old Jam Jar


I hope you were inspired and refreshed as well, Cheers!