Fabulous and Easy Art Techniques include creating fun, wild, rebellious splatters and speckles!

art texture techniques, spatter, rose photo, debiriley.com
Aged Rose, Speckles photo, debiriley.com


Creative, Freeing, Art Technique


It is a bit like, “Take That,  Right Brain!”

Fun, easy colorful splatters and speckles.  So lovely, so freeing.


And once those splatters are there – now that overly harsh and hyper critical side of the self,  must ‘just deal’ with all the random chaos scattered upon the fabric, tapestry, canvas, or paper.

It can be created in photographic form as well. As you can see from these first two images.


aged speckled rose petal, macro photograph, debiriley.com
Rose Petal macro photograph, debiriley.com


I like it, its refreshing.

It certainly livens things up, adding interest to otherwise dull scenes.

Giving Life, to a bored and rigid lined subject.



magenta ink debiriley.com
magenta ink debiriley.com



Splatter Textural Technique Benefits

Interest and Depth!

This dynamic duo, is so much easier on the eyes – than ‘Right and Rigid’…. by a country mile.


Of course, this is all,  merely my own personal art opinions.  I’m certain others have formed their own after years of painting too.


A friend, Josephine Ann Smith, paints wonderful beautiful, Botanical Australian birds.

She really does need to be more accurate in her line and ratio formulations. I must say her birds never seem ‘rigid’ to me though. She’s very clever in her compositions! We all have unique interests.



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Tropical Flora Greens debi riley




Splatter:  How, When, Where, Why

  • Simply, I use an old toothbrush loaded up with paint
  • Spray (for a finer splatter) or tap the brush  (for larger speckles)
  • Foregrounds are the best location, used to create more depth
  • Middlegrounds sometimes, if, dampened to soften the edges
  • Normally, we don’t want to draw the eye unduly, to a Background
  • Splatter Technique creates lovely dimension, added depth
  • Easily be used as a Camouflage for areas you want to Divert the eye away from



Beginners Watercolour landscapes, debiriley.com
Beginners Watercolour Landscapes, debiriley.com



texture and patterns, quail eggs, photos, debiriley.com
Quail Eggs and Foil   – splatter and speckles front and back




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