Last Light…on the Indian Ocean

Kalbarri Western Australia, travel W.A., sunset photo,

The winter sun.

It doesn’t lazily meander down the horizon like the summer sunsets do.

Oh no,  there is no lingering.


Kalbarri Western Australia, travel W.A., sunset photo,
Winter Sun, Kalbarri W.A.


Indian Ocean

Kalbarri, Western Australia.


The last light of the day flickers and gleams as the sun dives to kiss the Indian Ocean at dusk.



Its descent it more a rapid plunge and ….its outa’ here!


Then, you’re just left with memories –  in the cold.

And Perhaps a nice photo or two, if you were fortunate.


seagull at sunst on the beach photo,
Sea gull at Sunset, Kalbarri W.A.,



I hedge my bets.

My preference is to take too many photos rather than fewer.

The more I have to choose from, the better the odds are I might find one I like.

In fact,  that is how I paint as well. The more I do… the better I will get!




I still lug my big heavy camera about and fill up the Sd card.


No.  I don’t use “my iphone”  nor my ipad,  nor a wee little mini instamatic camera to take photos.

I have tried some. But I didn’t like the results very much at all.


Maybe I should take more photos with the iphone.  But I am stubborn.  Resistant. (so far)   I generally, like the better images from my old canon.


last light, sunset Indian Ocean photo,
Last Light Indian Ocean, Kalbarri W.A.






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36 thoughts on “Last Light…on the Indian Ocean

    1. thanks M!! at some point I may shift to a lighter mirrorless camera that is Manual; as the Canon +lens are heavy for older people. (with owees) but iphone ‘photography’ just loses something for me. atm. it might change? when… pigs fly! LOL

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  1. Beautiful! I have a sunset on the lake photo I have scheduled for later this week. The HOT SUMMER lingering Sunset 🙂 I adore the shot with the seagull. Someday I want to see that view in person! And you get much lovelier shots with your old Cannon so keep on keepin on!

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  2. I feel your frustration. I’m trying to use different cameras too. With my nikon, I use one lens each time I go out and leave the rest at home. I don’t worry about the shots that I could have taken if I had chosen another lens and that’s the attitude I use when out with my iPhone or my other cameras. I challenge and sometimes surprise myself with the results as I try to go with the flow. I just make sure, like you that I use my nikon when I want to be sure of the results.

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    1. thanks!!! thats it, 1 camera. 1 lens. period.
      When I dink around the local park near the house, I’ll use the heavier lens. But otherwise… I stick to the light one. And get what I get 🙂

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  3. Love these photos! The one with the seagull truly captured my heart.:-) I leave all photography stuff to my husband, lol. I have shaky hands and could not get a decent photo even on the phone. Glad that you have a great relationship with your camera and thanks for sharing those superb moments! 🙂

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      1. When the sun falls into the sea it’s a beautiful moving moment which in a way makes me sad, too, because another day of my life has passed and I’m one day closer to my end

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      2. oh Mitza! that is a sad way to look at it!! we all see, through different ‘lenses’ I know. I kind of see the exquisite beauty of that sun setting moment a prelude… tomorrow is another day full of possibilities.
        as well as, it hints, at the beauty and peace I believe will come in the future. Though I may not want to ‘go today’…. I can’t help but wonder at the magic, the beauty, and the peace, that will be found. cheers, and good tidings, Debi 🙂

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      3. that’s maybe the difference between a pessimist and an optimist. But still these impressions are moving me much more than a lot of other people. Still some days to wait for Greece and sunsets. We didn’t have any good summer days up to now. It’s raining every day and really cold 😦

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      4. dear, that makes riding the bike, rather unpleasant! yuk…. yes, I’d be hanging out with glee, for that trip to Greece if I were you, that is for sure!!!!
        i try to think positive as much as possible. my kids/family always ask me if I’m “mad” – I’m not. usually just “thinking……” but I have the kind of face that goes still and somber then! what do you do?! I know, think of Omar. LOL 🙂 take care, have a good day!

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      5. I totally forgot Omar (Quabus). I’m just busy with making jewelry for a new girlfriend. Just made a pendant from a labradorite and an old brooch of hers and another pendant from the end of an old art nouveau fork.
        And I’m always busy with my fleamarkets, thrift shops etc. When I buy an old frame (I now have about 200!) I repair them and try to find an old engraving that fits, then I cut passe-partouts etc. I can fiddle around in my flat all day long, polishing, hanging-up frames etc, not to forget processing my thousands of photos. Virtual hugs Mitza


  4. Every sunset is pure magic. I have to say that the camera in my iPhone 6S takes some amazing photos and is perfect for the granddaughter, but I wouldn’t be without my Pentax. I agree filling the SD card is too easy, the problem is remembering to delete the ones you don’t want. 🙂

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  5. I can feel the warmth of that sun right across the globe! Beautiful! I would really love to learn how to take better pictures but I already have so much to carry when I travel. I now must have a watercolour set, some pencils, pens, erasers, and the list goes on. I just can’t see myself lugging a camera and lens with me along with the iPad or iPhone. And I must have one of those in my big carry-all!

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  6. Another great post. I love your description of the sunset. I’ve felt that so many times. As one who loves lugging a big heavy camera and a few lenses around the landscape, I would recommend looking into the iPhone as a way to make a different kind of art from what you do with the big camera. Using the phone and apps made to process the photos can lead you to a whole new kind of art. It did for me anyway.

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    1. thanks! I am, curious of course about the iphone and apps. wondering just how much resolution and clarity can be had. I may have to really, serious, look at Apps that might give me control. clarity. and fine detail i want. if such a thing exists. lol Thank YOU Rich!


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