The winter sun.

It doesn’t lazily meander down the horizon like the summer sunsets do.

Oh no,  there is no lingering.


Kalbarri Western Australia, travel W.A., sunset photo,
Winter Sun, Kalbarri W.A.


Indian Ocean

Kalbarri, Western Australia.


The last light of the day flickers and gleams as the sun dives to kiss the Indian Ocean at dusk.



Its descent it more a rapid plunge and ….its outa’ here!


Then, you’re just left with memories –  in the cold.

And Perhaps a nice photo or two, if you were fortunate.


seagull at sunst on the beach photo,
Sea gull at Sunset, Kalbarri W.A.,



I hedge my bets.

My preference is to take too many photos rather than fewer.

The more I have to choose from, the better the odds are I might find one I like.

In fact,  that is how I paint as well. The more I do… the better I will get!




I still lug my big heavy camera about and fill up the Sd card.


No.  I don’t use “my iphone”  nor my ipad,  nor a wee little mini instamatic camera to take photos.

I have tried some. But I didn’t like the results very much at all.


Maybe I should take more photos with the iphone.  But I am stubborn.  Resistant. (so far)   I generally, like the better images from my old canon.


last light, sunset Indian Ocean photo,
Last Light Indian Ocean, Kalbarri W.A.