Just waves.

Wild watercolor waves crashing against the beach and rock.


crashing sea spray waves in watercolors, debiriley.com
Crashing Sea Spray, watercolor, debiriley.com


Impressionistic Watercolors


A watercolor  painting full ….. of feeling.

And Mood.


windswept, wind whipped, wind sprayed  Ocean waves



the Feeling

takes Precedence, over detail, over minutia.







Blue Paints that I like to use when painting water:

Cobalt Teal Blue  pg50

Indigo Blue  Daniel Smith mixed blend

Cobalt Blue pb28

Cerulean Blue pb33

Ultramarine Blue  pb29

Prussian Blue pb27

Phalo Blue   pb15

Indanthrone Blue pb60





For me,  I’d rather have more blue paints than any other color.

Because, I can then obtain any green, brown, purple, grey, etc. that I can conceive of…with the minimum of 2-3 other colors.

ie   winsor lemon py175 and permanent rose pv19 and a white gouache.





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Kalbarri Western Australia, red bluff beach, travel photographs Australia, debiriley.com
Seawave Kalbarri, debiriley.com