July Watercolors III

Just a rose


a rose in watercolor, debiriley.com
Just a rose,  debiriley.com (c) 2016



My 3 set series today of watercolor paintings – I’d set aside earlier in the month to try to get posted whilst busy on holidays.


Time has flown by!


With just one more day left for  #worldwatercolormonth   –  it was a case of ‘hurry up, Debi’  in order to get the paintings out in time.









27 thoughts on “July Watercolors III

    1. hi Fritz, thank you so glad you like this! this particular flower painting size is 9×12; but as you know, I do 1″ miniatures and 4’x4′ sizes and really find the time, difficulty and planning issues are all about the same!!
      it is sometimes, much more difficult to obtain a Good design from a smaller painting though.
      my art instructor years ago once said in her lecture, “often the best paintings come in the smaller packages” – I never forgot that. She was a Master of the watercolor medium!

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      1. Very true. Small paintings also has a different emotional intimacy that I really like. Not decorative, but intimate, true to the heart.


    1. its a hit and miss, esp. for non computer types. (ME) I changed themes 3 times now. messed up a bunch! and kept poking around. its still a WIP. but go look at the WP themes available and try them out to see what looks good to you. I just can get the free ones atm. but, they’re ok. for now. thanks Andy!


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