Playful Medley: In Teals

A fast,  pre-dawn medley of abstract watercolor paintings that sing to me.

No frou frou. No explanations. Just the paintings.

cobalt teal blue watercolor pg50, watercolor abstract landscape with inks, July world watercolor month paintings,,
Cobalt Teal Blue Watercolor, Brown and Black Inks






Playful Medley of Abstracts in Teal


Prussian blue teal abstract watercolor painting,
Prussian Blue,  Cobalt Teal and gold



#worldwatercolormonth, abstract painting cobalt teal,
Teal and Indigo










  1. Oh you are teasing me with CBT… goodness. I have been waiting for almost two weeks for my order of paper and paints. I am dying to try it out. You are so abstracty….love it! when and how did you decide or venture into the loose and carefree? I am still trying to figure it all out. Any pointers, tips or wisdom? Love them paintings and color. Oh and I will be getting some India ink to play along with my watercolor….

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    • I ‘began’ art…tight. stiff. hard lines. and very frustrated. Then over some YEARS. loosened up. silly. don’t let it take Years! anyway… soft edges I discovered Relaxed Me like a River. 🙂 I still need to pay attn. to LMD and …placing soft edges/firmer edges in their”Appropriate” locations. but for the most part, soft edges are my river.

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      • you know…..looking back over the past few weeks esp. that day it was a “ah ha!” day for me while painting those madrones, that I am a loose and wild gal. I do love certain artists that can depict the “h” out of their scenes but then it is the light and color that attracts me, not their tightness. It really isn’t me, never felt right on me, striving for what suits other artists but not me. I can’t fit into their straight laced boots when I am happy in my hippie/floppy hat way of painting. 🙂 now, remind me what is LMD again?

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      • we can Admire, others’ work. but we need not try to emulate them. but only to allow and encourage what is, Within US – to emerge. that. is. Art. (and thats something you inherently already feel and know M!) 🙂

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      • exactly! I keep wanting to have a special post talking about that….it is coming! hopefully soon 🙂 I have some strong feelings on the subject and I am hoping I won’t step on some toes….maybe I’ll run it by you but I won’t email my ideas to you until you have your company gone and you are rested up. It won’t be much but I want to word it to where I won’t hurt feelings….nothing drastic, just want to be sensitive and positive 🙂


  2. Omg Debi!!!! The last one is flooring me. It’s like a waterfall, cool and refreshing and Wonderful!!! Is that what you were thinking of? Wait til you see my piece for tomorrow, that may be why I’m thinking along those lines but so uncanny…. Wow I just love that you got up early and the morning and made paintings so beautiful!!! (((((3d))))))


  3. wonderful and even refreshing to look at in this heat (! no more swear words), I would prefer the last one best of all. Beautiful in colors and composition, cheers Mitza


  4. Hi Debi!.looking at my wordpress again, These abstract, blues, and compositions are just so inviting, and thought provoking!!. The pianist in me, explodes for expression, Every, darn time I see your particular, I feel the urge to Use my ” old wooden kitchen table ” as my Canvas!!.
    Or any wood work, that is just ME, I guess. Years ago I used to paint flowers on barnwood.!!. Folk art on wood and just loved my little creations!!.. Prussiun Blue, Lunar Black, Teal, etc. Wow..I have really picked an odd medium background “WOOD!”..I like the idea..Finally, found the courage to share my ” inner” Joanne heart!!..Will stop there.. 🎶❤️.. Maybe, it is time to express my thoughts!!..
    I so admire you, and love the work you and other, gifted followers Do!!. . Thursday Canada july 21.
    Cheers, and greetings . Joanne


  5. I am very in love the first painting. Of all the ways to abstractly represent a landscape, watercolor is my favorite. This one really brings out the feelings I have when I’m in a forest on a nice day.

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    • hi Rich, thank You!! what a lovely comment, I appreciate that.
      and anyone who gets up at 4am to go hike to take photos….. I really appreciate their feedback! 🙂


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