Summer Breeeze: Makes Me Feel Fine….

summer breeze on the water, photo,

July. The Queen of Summer.  July, my favorite month. Summer is a wonderful time, but its not summer here.

On my way to work on a cold, bracing winter’s Perth day. And I’m thinking.

My mind’s on many things. Work, global issues. Projects, bills to pay, houseguests arriving, dinner to make. You know, the usual.

Everyone’s issues, nothing new. But I think its the global issues that my mind is pinned most on. Perhaps its simply the one right after the other without let up, thats getting to people I talk to. As a society, we can’t close our eyes and ignore those little cries for help. Can we?

But we do need a time out. A breather.


summer breeze on the water, photo,


Summer is Fine


Flipped the radio on, real low.


And a song not heard for years, played…. its sweet summer light notes, sending my mind and spirit tumbling playfully back in time.


I turned it up just a bit.



Seals and Croft’s  “Summer Breeze” gently guided my dreary world weary thoughts,  back into a delightful summer’s day.


I turned up the volume a wee bit more!


Summer Breeze, watercolor abstract, debi riley watercolor art painting,
Summer Breeze,   watercolor by (c) 2016






Sweet days of summer.


“July is dressed up and playing her tune”

July watercolor month,



summer flowers are in full swing…..


debi riley art, daisies by white cottage fence, watercolor painting,
Shasta Daisies watercolor


flower blooms in summer, watercolor painting,
in bloom, in summer


Summer sunflowers watercolors, #worldwatercolormonth
Summer sunflowers




Did you see the curtains hanging in the window?

Dancing Curtains Watercolor painting
Dancing Curtains  in the windows…….



See the curtains hangin’ in the window,

in the evenin’ on a Friday night.
A little light a-shinin’ through the window,

lets me know everything is alright.
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine,

blowing through the jasmine in my mind.


See the smile a-waitin’ in the kitchen






And at this stage,  the volume was cranked up very loud. I was thoroughly enjoying myself.  My imagination was in full swing and I was in Summer. Feeling just Fine!!





Summer Breeze.

It makes me feel fine.



sunset flare photograph
Summer sunset with a gentle breeze,



Thank you,  Seals and Croft for such a timeless song, that epitomises the best of summer.

Thank you readers for coming along on my Summer Breeze post today.

I hope, that you too……..   Feel Fine.






Houseguests have arrived from overseas for some July celebrations!  So my sister and I will be doing  abit of sightseeing around Perth and Western Australia for the next couple of weeks. Should be great fun!

My posts may have a  slightly interrupted and irregular schedule due to ‘July Celebrations’. You understand!





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38 thoughts on “Summer Breeeze: Makes Me Feel Fine….

  1. What a lovely post and I feel the July summer here and…your winter there. Love your paintings and especially your “flowers in Kitsap County garden” I prefer loose and carefree. July is looking wonderful and also carefree. Have a much deserved rest and a glorious time with your sister and I am hoping that the weather cooperates. 🙂 signed…..your little river friend…..

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  2. Cheers Debi (and family)..I was just sitting here when today’s Post, came in!!. So glad to hear yYou will be visiting with your sister and guests!!..A well deserved R and R and celebration time.!!.
    My favourite work of art , will ALWAYS Be, your ” Shasta Daisy Watercolour .” I never tire of that little white fence, pulling me inside.. ENJOY, ENJOY..!!. Hope you the best of July. Sincerely, Joanne Wighton

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  3. You artwork is captivating! I LOVE, LOVE your “July” and “Summer Breeze”. Yes, I do see the window and curtains. And the Shasta Daisy …well…wonderful! Seals and Croft, what memories came flooding back…summers spent on the Chesapeake Bay….wow, thank you for your beautiful post of July! blessings and enjoy your holiday! denise

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  4. so lovely! have a wonderful summer/winter visit with your friends! Summer breezes are HOT HOT HOT here right now. 🙂 Beautiful art Debi. Beautiful words. You are simply Beautiful! 🙂

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    1. thank you Dear Jodi!! such a lovely perfect song…. Boy, I really, feel for you with the Too Hot! hope you get a Breeze and feel fine 🙂 take care, cheers Debi


  5. I am so glad she’s arrived and that you’re having fun together, my kind and beautiful friend. Please give her a hug for me and make sure she gives you one right back. That one is from me. Enjoy, enjoy and thank you for sharing your lovely inspirational work, Debi. 💜💛💚❤️💙

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    1. many grateful thanks Sharon…. sometimes, the world -Life- creeps in, to art. it just does. maybe we don’t want it to. but, it does. I’ll try to pretty up my posts, but they do not always “Agree” with that. lol Wishing you a creative, colorful, exciting Art Day today Sharon 🙂

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  6. I like bloom in summer, that’s a really lovely painting in colors and composition. Here we have the first summer day with 25 degrees but still very cloudy and grey. Cheers Mitza

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