Filtered Light from above.

Reaching,  Into the depths.

Into the deep undersea

world of blue.


Undersea Watercolors, abstract watercolor in blue,, art class
Undersea The World of Blue




July is a month officially dedicated to Watercolors!



And,   helping the children.  

Helping by donating.

Check out the website and click on

The Dreaming Zebra…..  to help underprivileged children.


Helping The Children ….

there are so many ways to help and charity organisations for them.

Help, any way, you are capable of.





“Undersea World In Blue” 

From only her imagination.

A child painted  “Undersea.”

Its quite a large work, on  22″ x 30″  Arches Cold Press paper.


With donated materials.



The sense of pride, self esteem, confidence, creative self that were evident as the child finished the painting …..  priceless.





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I like its Depth.  The tonal values going from Light to deep dark.


I like its Clarity.   There is No Mud!    no monkeying about. no fiddling.   The paint was put on.   and Left Alone.   The student then moved on to the next painting.  Smart move!


I like its color scheme.  Nearly monochromatic in blues.  Wonderful.


I love those Edges!!    Soft. soft, soft. Until, we get to the circular orb below, which has the firmer harder edges.  Smart move.  Creates More Depth!




This is a beautiful,  watercolor abstract painting in blues – painted by a child. Which we can certainly learn some great points from!