If I can’t get to the Yuba River, or Diablo Lake or even King’s Park for a bit of peace and serenity – where can I go?

My garden.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.



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Not Complicated, watercolors



Watercolors Uncomplicated


If I want to simply relax.

If I want a nice and easy, kicked back kind of feeling to the painting, then I’m going to keep it simple.

Keep it brief. No clutter. No frou frou.




This little pert flower says “July” to me,  yet without the gold and embellishments of Her Name Was July.     Perfect for  Day 15 of  #worldwatercolormonth, I thought!





White Space


The White Space around the flower,   creates just about the right ratio.

A balance of color, of busy, of things ‘happening’  yet, with a  loveliness of Space. Of serenity. Calmness. Zen.

I think of Toko Shinoda when…. I think of balanced use of white space.




I See


I may not be able to get to the Yuba, the Diablo, the Cascades or Kangaroo Valley.



But, I can paint what is right here,  in front of my eyes now.

I have beauty here, in my own house and in my own garden.

I see them.



Watercolor.   It doesn’t have to be …..complicated.