Bright and Lovely and Good: Children

Bright and Lovely and Good: Children

Life is Art.

Art is Life.

Children symbolise and convey all that is beauty,  all that is goodness, all that is loveliness in Life.

The innocence of a child is beautiful.

It is a gift.  It is precious.

It is not to be…. squandered.


tough create hands, photos,
Children, Create the Future



Need to Celebrate Children.




Need to Protect them.



loving hands, with these hands,
Loving Hands




with these hands, love, touch, create,
With These Hands,  Protect Them.



Yes,  this post is my response to all that has been going on in the world.


We have failed to protect the children.

And I am ashamed.



expressive hands, photograph
The Hand






22 thoughts on “Bright and Lovely and Good: Children

  1. I must repeat: “The innocence of a child is beautiful. It is a gift. It is precious. It is not to be…. squandered.” Amen to that Debi! Amen my friend.

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    1. thank you Jodi. the month of July was meant to be for the children. And, I’d just been thinking … silence… when seeing people get hurt, isn’t something I want to do. Amen! 🙂

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    1. thank you. children can drive me insane when they are ‘naughty, cheeky little things’ LOL but, gosh, they are So Unique and such treasures. my best memories…. Are All, with my children. (as Much as I love painting!) cheers, debi-zen

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  2. Beautiful post with beautiful images. Just a day or two ago I had my son in the studio, doing charcoal sketches with me. I felt quite honoured to have him there, going all quiet as the charcoal spoke to him. Great post Debi!

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      1. I just read a book about a 9 year (!!) old girl in Yemen that had been married against her will. That’s terrible, too. But the world is getting more and more aggressive, unfortunately.

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