Kids Like Cobalt Teal Blue, Too

July is #Worldwatercolormonth.

Charlie at lobbied diligently for July to be the official month for Watercolor.

Part of worldwatercolormonth’s  purpose is  so we can help support children in their art pursuits.

They need art supplies too!


cobalt teal blue, acrylic abstracts,
Childrens Art


These paintings were done on donated canvases and artist quality paints.

Yes,  including the lovely,  Cobalt Teal Blue!


It seems to be quite a favorite, no matter what the age.


acrylic abstract cobalt teal,
Children’s Art




kids art, acrylic on canvas,
Kids’ Art



So,  don’t you think the paint glows?!

The paints the children were provided were good professional quality and the colors look just luscious.  Not murky or muddy, but filled with Light!

Donating.  Its good for the soul!




Sharing…. is caring.






cobalt teal blue posts

cobalt teal   spirit lifting

cobalt teal flame

cobalt teal ocean

cobalt teal reflections

cobalt teal  banish,   boring brush strokes






  1. I chuckled when I saw the title for this post. I was helping my granddaughter to paint a dress on a small canvas yesterday and she had chosen her colours until she saw a teal turquoise colour among all my tubes of paint. Her eyes lit up and she immediately said, “That’s the colour I want!” I guess it appeals to all ages…


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