What I have, I am certain others do as well.

I’m not that special. No, I can’t say I’m uniquely special.


rose photograph, creativity expression in art, debiriley.com
The Light Within


The Light Within


We all have some hidden gift.  We all have a creative voice.


We all have some music, some words, some light, some colors that need to be let ….loose.

Let out.


Why? So that everyone gets to share in these gifts; and everyone gets to hear the beauty of the music that plays.


And so everyone can see that glow of light within.

And share in the magic of form,  or color or words … thats been buried deep.



rose photograph, creative art expression, debiriley.com
A Voice, Hidden Within


You know, Sometimes –

I bury the light within.  Hide my colors.  And, Shush my voice.

I know why. So do you.



rose macro photo, creative artistic expression, debiriley.com
Fine Line



It is a Fine Line.

It is a Fine Line.  This  balancing act on the high wire.

Balancing the artist’s often unmet need to express their own  originality and creativity – with staying somewhere within the accepted parameters of public acceptance and approval and appeal.  Often, the two are seemingly at war; especially so, on social media sites.



I wonder, What….  does it gain me to close my eyes to the beauty inside waiting to be released?

To hide away and to block my ears from the song within?


I know what it slowly does to the artist within.   So do you.


watercolor impressionist sketch of roses, debiriley.com
For Me


watercolor abstract, unlocking creativity, debiriley.com
Colors – are my words



There is a creative Light Within.

Your Originality is  worth the risk.

And, it is something we want and need to see,  hear and feel.


You may not paint. Or sing. Or write. Or sculpt. Or cook.  Or photograph. But, just because you aren’t called to a specific one… doesn’t mean you are not creative in another area of art.



Sharing…. is caring.


Show us,  Your Light!!



peace, joy, love oil painting in blue debiriley.com
peace, joy, love…… debiriley.com