From forests to small intimate touches in the landscape….I see Leaves as reflections of the mood of the landscape.  #worldwatercolormonth


3 Ways With Watercolor Leaves

Each of my  3 Leaves are uniquely different from one another….. Because I enjoy Different.  I like going my own way.   But,  you knew that!


long vertical gum leaf watercolor botanical painting,, #worldwatercolormonth
Long Eucalyptus Leaf, watercolor


Turning Over a Creative Leaf – BE  Different 

Many years ago, I took my portfolio into a certain gallery for review. As I’d wanted  to exhibit there.

They loved the paintings.    But, I didn’t get chosen to exhibit at that gallery.


The gallery needed  “trend followers”  and   “a production of paintings of the same subject/style/view.”

I can not do either of those things.

I  Need to  Create,  from within myself.   and,  To be Inspired from my local surroundings.



If,  you too did not get chosen,  ask them why. Nicely.

And reflect.  (at home, once the disappointment wears off.)    Go over the key art basics, to see if any can be improved.

But, if  they just wanted ‘trend followers and production line work’…. I wouldn’t give it a second thought.

Keep looking. You will find the perfect gallery for your creativity!

(Its not really  “Rejection” you know.  Its only an “Imperfect Fit.”)





The Watercolor  Gum   Leaf         

This Botanical styled gum leaf, in a long vertical isn’t very showy.   But it conveys the feel, the essence of the long eucalyptus leaves that grow in the bushland nearby my home.

The grey green and brown are dulled to a near grey, this time of year.



Fallen Leaves

Wow!  I really changed it up with this Bright and lovely abstract piece with its cobalt teal blue and quinacridone sienna.

I think it illustrates how even once fallen upon the ground, fallen leaves can still glimmer and shine for just a bit longer.

It has an underlying watercolor foundation, with some mixed media added on top finishing it off.

Fallen Leaves, #worldwatercolormonth,,
Fallen Leaves, watercolor/mixed media



From My Garden Geranium

Dipping my Rekab 320s brush into Prussian Blue watercolor,  I ‘drew’  the lines.

simple, fast and loose

nice and curvy.    plenty of boo-boos,  but  really,  they don’t matter that much do they!

flower leaves watercolor drawing in blue,
Flower Leaves in Blue,


I’m happy that you came along to see my 3 Leaves of Watercolor Inspiration!   



This is a prescheduled post, as I’m  temporarily on   R and R.     Thanks, Debi




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